A Sevilla FC home crowd
The Club


Sevilla FC reiterates to its supporters that it is possible to cheer on a team without resorting to insults directed at the opponent. Football is a passionate sport, but leaves no room for violent behaviour or hostility.

Sevilla FC wants to communicate to its supporters that they must enjoy the match against UD Las Palmas whilst continually showing respect and tolerance of the opponent. Football is a passionate sport, however, there is no room for hostility nor discrimination of any type. Supporting a team is not at odds with showing respect towards the rival team. By definition, to cheer on a team is not to offend the opponent.  

The club reminds fans that they can enjoy themselves and lift the team without resorting to insults or derrogatory behaviour towards the opponent. To do so goes against not only the values of the Club, but also of the sport, which have both done so much for society. Like passion, respect among supporters is an inherent part of the sport.

In this sense, Sevilla FC wants to inform fans of its unflinching intolerance with regards to violence, and its compliance with the regulations that standardize the actions of all sports clubs and SAD in matters of prevention and erradication of violence, racism, xenophobia and intolerance in the sport.

Furthermore, Sevilla FC promotes its backing of the campaign against violence in football, launched by the La Liga last season. 

For over a year the Club has been continually working on the project Cordiality, a campaign that looks to promote tolerance in the game and reinforce the positive and fundamental values of the sport, such as effort, union and the team. The project encourages respect and non-violent meetings between fans. That being said, it should be noted that the club has been working on aspects such as those mentioned for many years, educating even the youngest of fans with school programmes such as Sácale Más Partido al Cole. 


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