José Castro, Sevilla FC President
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The demands and the pressure of sevillismo, meaning the very essence of being a Sevilla FC supporter, have been highlighted by the President as the keys to success

Club President José Castro was, back in April, tasked with the launch of the 2017/18 season ticket campaign, which took place this Wednesday in screen 16 of the Nervión Plaza cinema. The nervionense chief praised the demanding nature of the sevillista support, a clear reference to the growth of Sevilla FC: “We are currently and always want to be supporting and investing in the sevillistas, in our environment here and in the idiosyncrasy it creates... Supporting and investing in, ultimately, the demands of our supporters, which is what has helped us to grow and achieve the unimaginable in the 21st century".

“As sevillistas we do not live off past success; we do not conform and and we feed off criticism”

The President stressed: "I insist, the demands of Sevillismo, what it is to be a Sevilla supporter, is what makes us go that little bit further... Because as sevillistas it is in our nature, an insatiable support and ambition, a support incapable of living off past success... As sevillistas we do not conform and we feed off criticism in order to push further, aim higher... And at our core this is abundantly clear, so we know that from next week, when our players are back, the fourth place finish achieved last season no longer exists, nor our second best points total in LaLiga history, and especially not the trophies won in the last five years”.

In this regard, he continued his speech tackling the near future with the ambition that characterises sevillismo: “Football does not stop, but the sevillistas stop even less, so that we as directors have the challenge of looking at the new campaign in front of us with enthusiasm and by pushing ourselves even further than should be possible with our budget. We have to put all our impetus on building a competitive team which, come the end of the season, will be right up there and that will match the high expectations of our supporters. Hence why now the magic of Éver Banega has returned to the Sánchez-Pizjuán”.

“We have the challenge of pushing ourselves further than should be possible with our budget”

That ambition not only concerns sporting performance, but Castro also extends it to the club's fan base: “That is our challenge and so we return to asking for another season of support from our season ticket holders, for them to renew their pass and continue ensuring every match at the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán is a celebration which pushes our team towards victory. In the 2015/16 season we went from 34,057 members to 37,648, in 2016/17 from 37,648 to 39,218... In this campaign we also want to be ambitious in this respect and take a step further, together”.

Finally, he insisted on one of the fundamental pillars of Sevilla FC´s growth: “Hopefully we will succeed... We will always accept the demands and the pressure that are part of sevillismo that, undoubtedly, is one of the biggest keys to success of our great club in the current century”.

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