You are completing a commercial transaction with Sevilla FC with the CIF A 41.035.346, based at C /Sevilla Fútbol Club, s/n. 41005, Sevilla.                                
You can contact us via email at                                
In compliance with the contents of Article 10 of the Ley de Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y Comercio electrónico (Ley 34/2002) Law, we inform you that Sevilla FC in an Organisation whose domain has been registered in the Register of sporting organisations of the senior sports council.                                
The sale of tickets is realised at the premises of our registered office and the purchase of tickets implies acceptance of terms and conditions in the moment of purchase.                                
The forthcoming conditions of purchase and sale are set out to establish the terms, and explain the details of, ticket purchase to users making purchases by this method, as well as the rights and obligations implicit to the tickets purchased.                                
Sevilla FC offers any interested party the opportunity to purchase tickets through this medium in order to attend the many spectacles it organises. Sevilla users who access this stage of buying and selling tickets voluntarily assume and agree to the respect of the terms and conditions of the sale-purchase contract, and those which are set out in continuation.                                 
From the moment the user completes the order of purchase of one or more tickets, they will assume the denomination “BUYER”, and as such will be obliged to Sevilla FC, the seller. The purchase made through the ticket office or by bank transfer by the BUYER and that has been received by Sevilla FC is legally and contractually binding.                                 
The BUYER should fill in the details required in complete and accurate terms and commits him/herself to not introduce third-party details. The receipt of the order of purchase will be confirmed by Sevilla FC by email or other mediums without delay. From that moment, the sale-purchase will be confirmed and both parties will be obligated to the agreed conditions.                                 
The purchase of ticket(s) implice the acceptance, on the part of the BUYER, of the following terms and conditions:                                
A) The ticket mandates different security measures. However, the Organization does not guarantee its authenticity if it has not been acquired in any of the official points of sale. Any amended, broken, suspected falsification or illegally acquired ticket will authorize the Organization to deny access to its bearer. In these cases, if access to the site is not allowed, the Organization declines all responsibility. It is a condition for admission to have the ticket complete and in good condition. The ticket must be kept until the bearer exits the event.                                
B) The buyer of a club member / season-pass ticket must present the membership or subscriber card and ID when required by the staff of the Organization. The buyer agrees to be the holder of said card and present ID to verify it.                                
C) The number of tickets, price, day, hour of access, will be chosen by the BUYER in the purchasing process and cannot be modified once it is formalised.                                 
D) The BUYER must collect their ticket two hours before the match in the ticket office, presenting ID. They can also request it be sent via email.                                
E) Once the ticket is purchased, its value will only be returned or changed in the case of the cancellation of the event. In this case, an application for reimbursement can be made up to 10 DAYS after the public communication of the cancellation, in the methods specified by Sevilla FC and after the presentation of proof of purchase. In any case of returns, Sevilla FC will only reimburse the value of the ticket, not being held responsible for other expenses such as hotels, travel, flights, food, meals etc. (purely illustrative examples)                                 
The passing of the established window set out in the above paragraph, without the PURCHASER having requested the refund of the amount corresponding to the purchases made, shall be understood as the renouncement by the latter to the return of the amounts that, where appropriate, may correspond to them. In no case will refund any beyond the established deadlines be permitted                                
Should the BUYER be unable to attend the match for reasons beyond Sevilla FC’s control, or due to an error made in the purchasing process, they will not be eligible for a refund.                                
A) Sevilla FC at all times reserves the right to admission. Anyone underage should be accompanied by a responsible adult.                                
B) For security reasons, when entering the vicinity, attendees can be registered without permission. In no event will prohibited objects or items deemed dangerous by present security guards be allowed during spectacles. The following conduct is prohibited and will result in the refusal of access to the event in question:                                
 Introducing alcoholic drinks, food or any other object that could do harm.                                
 Being under the influence of alcoholic drinks, drugs, stimulants or like substances.                                
D) Sevilla FC reserves the right to deny access or eject the bearer of the ticket should they fail to comply with the present conditions or comply with the instructions of Club or event staff.                                
The denial of access or expulsion may also be carried out in the event that, rationally, it can be foreseen that their stay in the enclosure supposes a situation of risk or danger for the own carrier or for the other attendees to the event. In all cases, it may also occur for their own actions and omissions when they cause injury to third parties or damage to materials.                                
E) The bearer of the ticket recognises that they can appear in images taken inside the venue by different media for the purposes of their own diffusion of information or authorised promotional activity.                                 

We inform you that there is video surveillance during the tour and that your image will become part of a file held by the organizer in order to control access and security of the event, as well as resolution of any incident. You have the right to exercise with respect to the processing of your data the right of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to them before the organizer of the event.                           
A) Sevilla FC will not be held responsible for the loss or theft of tickets or any other personal possession.                                 
B) The purchase of tickets does not award the BUYER the right to its use for promotional or marketing purposes (including contests, gifts and/or draws), if they do not have the written consent of Sevilla FC. Failure to comply with this will legitimise Sevilla FC actions taken in the misuse of tickets and any legal procedures it deems necessary for the recuperation of damages done to Sevilla FC.                                
For any dispute that may arise in the execution of the sale, the parties submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Seville city, waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond.