Juan Arza Entrenador del Sevilla FC
1965/1966 | 1966/1967 | 1967/1969 | 1972/1973

The excellent Sevilla right back earned the nickname of "lifeguard" in his role as coach, as on four occasions he took charge of the team in adverse circumstances, and on almost all of them he managed to save the team from relegation. He only completed the entire 1968/69 season as coach, achieving promotion to the First Division.

He replaced first Eizaguirre, then Barinaga, and also Antonio Barrios, but on this occasion, when he was called in, it was too late and the team was relegated. He suffered the sale of three great players: Ruiz Sosa to Atlético de Madrid, Gallego to Barcelona and Marcelo Campanal to Deportivo de la Coruña. He was coach at the time when Pedro Berruezo tragically died after collapsing on the pitch.