The Pablo de Olavide University and the Sevilla Fútbol Club, SAD establish a specific collaboration agreement for the creation and implementation of the 'Cátedra Sevilla FC: Universidad, Empresa y Deporte' at the Pablo de Olavide University signed in July 2020 and of annual renewal.

The chair is an optimal vehicle to strengthen ties with the university community, facilitating an osmosis of knowledge, training, talent and social commitment.

The chair council is established as a management and governing body with, a number of six people, three of them appointed by the Pablo de Olavide University and the other three appointed by Sevilla Fútbol Club, S.A.D.

Board Members:

Pablo de Olavide University

  • D. Jose Manuel Feria Domínguez. Director
  • D. Javier Gálvez González.
  • D. Javier Ramos Valenzuela.

Sevilla Fútbol Club S.A.D.

  • D. Jose Maria Del Nido Carrasco.
  • D. Jesus Arroyo Sánchez.
  • D. Jose María Cruz Gallardo.