In addition to the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán, the pride and soul of Sevilla fans everywhere, the Nervión-based club possesses yet another gem. The Sevilla FC sporting facilities (known as the Ciudad Deportiva) make up one of the club’s greatest treasures. These grounds have given birth to incredible players that have made a splash on not only the national level, but internationally as well.

The work of the youth and reserve system continues in splendid fashion, but in order to obtain these results it was necessary to build the club’s great sporting facilities.

Not every club in Spain has access to such extraordinary facilities that allow for this refinement of young players. Sevilla FC is one of the clubs that has this privilege. Although the Ciudad Deportiva did not begin active operation until 1974, the idea came far earlier. In the 1960s, then-president José Ramón Cisneros Palacios had the idea of enhancing the club with new facilities.

The first team trained at the Sánchez-Pizjuán, and there was only one field for the youth and reserve teams.

Facilities of the youth and reserve teams

Cisneros Palacios developed the idea of sporting facilities that would produce football players not only for the first team, but also for use by others in order to strengthen relationships with other teams. It was in 1968 when he acquired fifty percent of the current 250,000 m2. The remainder was added under Eugenio Montes Cabeza.

The grounds are located on the outskirts of the city, near the highway to Utrera. It is a solid structure that has evolved over time. Currently, it is the headquarters of the first team, where they carry out most their weekly training. Additionally, the facilities include a main grass field, with the proper dimensions for the reserve team to play their official matches.

Cisneros Palacios’ great idea gained momentum over the years until the current iteration, a club treasure.

Frontal estadio Jesús Navas

Gradas estadio Jesús Navas

Campos Ciudad Deportiva José Ramón Cisneros Palacios