Julen Lopetegui, Sevilla FC


The Basque manager, who has secured his first final at the club, spoke about the team's effort and the happiness of the Sevilla FC fans
Cuerpo Superior

Julen Lopetegui was very, very happy as Sevilla FC reached the final of the UEFA Europa League. The manager, who spoke to the media after the comeback against Manchester United, started by praising the team's character: "We came with the idea of being able to play first, but with the excitement and ambition of reaching the latter rounds and fortunately it's been like that. It's time to rest and prepare for the final that the lads have deserved so much". 

Cuerpo Inferior

Also, while he spoke about the qualities of the opponents, who he considers to be best in their country, he highlighted his team's attitude: "For me, we've played against the team who are currently the best in England, they haven't lost in the league since January and have recovered fantastic players by finding a good path. We knew about the difficulty and they were on top of us in various momentsbut the team relied on believing and wanting it. There are times when, where situations don't come, the heart comes and the team has a lot of it. The team rebuilt itself and went for the match". 

"Being able to give that joy to our people fills us with pride"

He also wanted to give a wink to the Sevilla FC fans: "We have not played without fans in these matches. We've played them all with the Sevillistas at home, who are suffering and shouting with passion and excitement. We felt that energy and we're happy for the lads and the fans". 

To finish, he spoke about the happiness that all Sevilla fans will have now, despite the complex situation in which we are all living: "We're aware of that happiness and we're very happy with it, even more so knowing that in these moments there is pessimism in society. Being able to give that joy to our people fills us with pride and now it's time to work to see if it will be complete joy".