Eduardo Berizzo, Sevilla FC coach
First team


The Sevilla FC coach is proud to participate “in this trophy because of the person who we honour and because there will be many reunions”
Cuerpo Superior

The Sevilla FC head coach was given the role of being master of ceremonies in the presentation of the banner of the IX Antonio Puerta Trophy in the traditional manner in front of the media, ahead of Thursday's clash. An appearance through which Berizzo was proud to “be part of paying this homage” to what will certainly be a very emotional occasion. “It's the presentation of the team, a tradition and a far greater occasion due to the name we are honouring. Antonio is a person who is very loved and remembered, and it's an honour for me to be part of it. There will be many reunions, it will be a very important match against a very good opponent, a great opponent. It couldn't have any more ingredients for success, with the return of Jesús, that of Éver, Monchi back with his people... and we hope to enjoy it with a win”.

"The team is ready, I've never seen us take a step backwards this pre-season"

And Berizzo only had praise for a squad which, as he declared, is constantly on the up: “The team is ready, and in a great place, always on the up because I haven't seen backwards steps in any match or proceeding where we didn't play well. These pre-season fixtures have left us with mistakes to correct, but also with the feeling that the players are settling in to the system”.

This system will have to be practically one hundred percent ready ahead of the most important event on the horizon, the Champions League play-off, a tie in which he doesn't feel that Sevilla FC are favourites in any way: “I'm not worried because I'm not part of this debate and I don't believe I'm a favourite. The only thing this debate provides is a distraction. I never felt any more or less like a favourite, but I do believe I'm capable of winning every match. That debate about who is the team that should win is not part of the job of preparing for a fixture. We are focused on ensuring our team play the best they can. That only distracts us and we are doing our own thing, working on developing the full potential of this team”.

"I'm very happy with the squad that I have, it gives us great possibilities"

With the focus shifted to the organisation of the Squad, Eduardo Berizzo recalled the words of Óscar Arias, which stated that the team only lacked a left-back before being complete: “That is what's left for us to sign. Then, from here until the end there will be opportunities, adjustments... but I'm very happy with the squad that I have. I wouldn't compare it with any previous team because I want to be polite and fair. But it's a squad with great possibilities, which can take many different forms, players who can play in the same positions but who can bring different qualities, which offers us many tactical alternatives... My responsibility is that all of these individuals come together to produce great football. And I would also like to thank the players for having endured what's been a very tough pre-season, and always doing so with a smile”.

Asked about the possibility of Bacca returning, the head coach was quick to point out that “we already have Muriel and Ben Yedder up front. They could combine with a third number nine, but you have to be clever and fair in the way you give playing time to everyone. If he comes, I will have to come up with the best ways for everyone to be satisfied and participate”. Another name that was mentioned was that of Jovetic: “I like both of them, I've suffered as an opponent against both players and I know their great quality. They are fantastic players who I respect a lot”.

Cuerpo Inferior

He explained that the search for a full-back “does not mean anybody is leaving because we are looking for one mainly to add to our depth”; although he does not rule out that before the summer window closes “there could be some movement. I'm very happy with everything that I have, with the commitment, the work and the involvement of everyone, but things can always happen, departures or arrivals”.

Asked about the departures of certain players from Sevilla Atlético, Berizzo stated that “each case is very particular. For some a loan move is useful, for others staying with the first team is useful, to keep playing with the youth team is useful... The management have chosen the best option for everyone individually”.