Jules Koundé on ABP


The Frenchman admits that he is having more difficulty emotionally than physically, but believes that "the worst is already over"
Cuerpo Superior

Jules Koundé was the special guest, via video link, on A Balón Parado on Sevilla FC TV on Thursday night. The Frenchman is in very good health, although his time in isolation has not been easy: "I feel good considering the circumstances. I'm at home and the time is dragging, but that's the way it is. I'm waiting for the test to come back negative. I haven't even lost my sense of smell and I'm totally asymptomatic".

Cuerpo Inferior

Therefore, the hardest part is the emotional aspect: "I miss both my teammates and football a lotI am trying to take it philosophically and be patient, but it is somewhat different to the lockdown. I was alone in my house for two months, but there was no football and we were all in the same situation. Now it's time to watch football on the TV and follow my teammates. There are days where you feel good and others are more difficultBut I'm very close to being back with the team and the worst is already over. I'm training at home so I return at the same level as before". 

Asked about his dreams, the defender showed that he is dreaming big: "Winning the World Cup with France and winning LaLiga with SevillaIt's a very big challengebut I don't think it's impossible at all. There are good rivals, but we can do it". He also recalled the Europa League win, but is looking towards the future: "Within the circumstances we played great games against very powerful opponents. In the end, they are things that will stay with me for the rest of my lifebecause they are precious memoriesI have the medal here at home. It's a good memory but there are many things ahead. There are more things to win". 

"City's interest is always a good thing, but I told Monchi that I would not force anything"

He did not deny that there were options to leave, but he always knew he would not force the situation: "The interest of a club like City is always a good thing, but I'm at Sevilla and I'm very calm. I'm lucky to be at a club that competes at a very good levelWe have a fantastic group of players and people. There wasn't a bad option, but I always told Monchi that I would not force anything. If everyone wasn't happy, I knew I had a contract here, playing in the Champions League". 

Finally, he spoke about his feelings on Tuesday, the day of the Champions League clash at Stamford Bridge: "It's a very strange feeling. I don't like feeling left out, because you don't take part in the match. When you're there you have a rolewhether it's as a starter or a substituteIt's a rare feelingbut I'm happy with the result and with the performance we presented".