Jorge Sampaoli in the press room
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The boss says the "collective improvement is there to see"
Cuerpo Superior

Jorge Sampaoli spoke to the press ahead of tomorrow's home game against Getafe CF. The boss first commented on the players and the good week of training: "I think the team is coming into the game prepared and anxious to pick up the three points that will take us one step away from the sticky situation we find ourselves. Honestly, it was a good week of training from the team and it brought some positivity ahead of an important and tough game." Next, the coach was questioned about the league standings and the results of the teams around Sevilla in the table: "Statistically, we could be worse off but, in a footballing sense, that's not the case. It's no easy ride and when the team finds its way, that consistency will allow it to connect and move forward."


Sampaoli also received questions regarding the transfer market: "Monchi is a sporting director with a rich history at this club. This transfer window winds up being a 'super transfer window' in the sense that as time passes, the better the chances of a top player arriving. This window, for us, the staff, we want to see quick players coming through the door and we still haven't got the answer we want, but the door is open to any player that can improve the team." With this in mind, the Argentine praised new recruit, Badé: "Badé has been here since Thursday. He is fit and he is a player that we can call on when in need. However, he is still not fully settled in because he's been here for such a short space of time." 

"It is important that we inspire the crowd to help us fight" 

Analysing the squad, Sampaoli referred to the last match against Linares in the cup: "The team is going through a rough patch which means we have to get out of it as soon as possible. In the cup, their (the players') handling of the game made the game easy and this was reflected in the result. This gives the team a better chance and hopefully, tomorrow, that good play can come into practice. The collective improvement is there to see; it's a group whose performances have progressed and made me quite happy. Although, this has nothing to do with what we need, which is to win. "We must have consistency and we need everyone to be commanding in both areas." Samapaoli added that "it is important that we inspire the crowd to help us fight. We need 90 minutes of all-out attack. We need to beat a team that is set up well defensively. We have to have be patient in the build-up. The team is full of desire and hopefully, that turns into a good game."

Concerning the need to win, the boss closed by saying that "the important thing is that the games give the team a chance to put what they have been working on in training into practice. We hope tomorrow's game will be a turning point for the games to come, which are really important. Our need to win doesn't evolve around management, but decision-making. We have to play our best players every game. I don't think there is any problem with playing with your best every four days."