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The new Sporting Director stated that "I strongly identify with this badge, because Sevilla FC has made me a better professional"
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Víctor Orta has given his first press conference after being appointed Sporting Director of Sevilla FC.

The Madrid native spoke about a wide range of topics, such as returning to the club where he was Technical Director for seven years, his past working relationship with current coach José Luis Mendilibar, and the challenge that lies ahead.

To begin, he commented that the squad has "just been champions, and have been very successful. As with all squads, it does need an overhaul, and it's time to work hard alongside the board to develop the squad, and it's a demand that I'm keen to take on. Together we can all improve on a trophy-winning squad and rise to the challenge of keeping our fans excited."

Orta then spoke fondly about his working relationship with Mendilibar at Valladolid: "I gave him a great opportunity with Caminero at Valladolid after his time at Eibar. We were only together for 20 days, it was a short time, but I can confirm that I had faith in his talent as a coach. I was able to speak to him and I see he has the same direct message, we've spoke a lot in this time and in the past we did a deal involving Middlesbrough and Eibar."

"I've always considered him to be a great coach. I knew that he was going to do well here because he always had that drive to be able to coach a big club, so it's no problem for me, because on top of that he has shown it by achieving success."

Next up was his predecessor, Monchi: "I trained with him, clearly, I was here for seven years and we spent a lot of time together, I worked very hard in those years, but ten years later I'm a different person. I've been around the world working for top-class sporting management teams, with similar budgets to Sevilla's, and I was in charge. Of course I have some influence from Monchi, but after ten years I've gone out around the world trying to find talent, improve clubs, manage coaches and work as a team with the board."

After returning to Nervión, he spoke about the demands that come with a role at this club: "The club has had this continuity for ten years, the demands regarding success in search of excellence. I want to improve the club, giving my added value together with the board who have made it clear that there is no change to the demanding nature of the club. That excites me."

"It's not easy, I'm taking on the challenge with courage. That's one of my values, I'm brave and I like challenges. I'll do my best in terms of hard work. I'm close to Monchi, I congratulated him on the recent Europa League title. We've always had a calm, friendly relationship, it's always been good. Whether we have spoken or not is not relevant to me."

Víctor also confirmed the arrival of four people for his department: "Gaby Ruiz and Alberto Cordero will be here. I'll also bring a few people who will be external scouts. They are two close colleagues who will add to the talent here, such as that of Emilio de Dios, Fernando Navarro, Ramón Vázquez, José Luis Ruda... They're all scouts who I know from my first spell."

"My ambition is to stay here as long as possible by winning matches and getting results"

"I want coordinated teamwork where everyone adds value. It's not about who is here and who is coming, we're on the same side and from there we report to a board who demand us to be the most knowledgeable in Europe. Sevilla FC is a brand I intend on maintaining and those who are joining are doing so to add talent, there's a lot here. We want to be a reference in terms of finding talent, as we always have been."

Orta is excited about the new project: "I don't know how many signings and outgoings there have been in LaLiga so far. We have two players already confirmed, and the contract extension of the coach after his success. We've now got a transfer window where we'll have to improve and optimise our resources, both in terms of signings and departures."

"I would look for calmness, that's something I've done at every club I've joined. As for excitement, I'm returning to this house with my son sat here. Whenever you have the chance to fantasise about things in life, I thought I'd never have a chance to work for this club again. I strongly identify with this badge, because Sevilla FC has made me a better professional."

"My family know it's a dream come true, that's how I feel about it. The only thing I can promise is that I'll work as much as possible to keep this club successful. That's what the board have made to clear to me and I want to keep doing so."

Regarding the negotiation, he did not wish to mention the other options he had: "I can talk about what did happened. The club contacted me on Friday night after Monchi's departure was made official. I received the offer on Saturday morning, there was a practically minimal negotiation and I'm sat here 72 hours later. It couldn't be any more efficient.  I feel that I am the one chosen by the board. What may be published does not matter to me, I will tell you the facts."

Orta also commented on the importance of starting three-season projects: "In football, the idea is always long-term. The idea is starting projects, I have the complete backing of the board. I always think long-term. Short-term in football never gives you results. My ambition is to stay here as long as possible by winning matches and getting results. It's a law of football, at Sevilla, Leeds and any club in the world."

As for players returning from loans, the new Sporting Director is already focused on getting down to work: "We're going to start working with the coach, the board and the department to find a plan for the squad. I'm sure they already have a lot in place. What we have to do is join forces, add talent and value and have a better squad on 1st September than the one today. That's the aim at any sporting management team. We have to work on a project that gets people excited, fits in with the club's demands, and work together to achieve it."

"I will work with the academy to impose an ambitious idea that can nurture players for the first team"

Although the club still has the same demanding nature from ten years ago, Víctor has seen changes: "Coming from the offices I left and seeing the new ones, the stadium... The last time I visited the training ground was for the match against Copenhagen... I remember I was with José María Cruz and I was moved, because I felt like it was an ocean liner. What we all thought when I left the club is now a reality. Not just that, because the board have made it clear they're keen to keep growing, that the club keeps progressing, staying up there and building a legacy of success. I love those challenges, joining clubs who have that endless ambition to grow and do better."

For Orta, the club's honours and history are an incentive when it comes to new signings: "Behind here you have all the titles the club have, it shows the strength of the commitment and teamwork from an ambitious sporting management team and a coach that improves players. Mendilibar has improved players throughout his career. In Spain or projects around Europe, it is very difficult to match the ambition of this club at any level. I'd even go as far as the Premier League. A lot of players will want to come to Sevilla FC because of what we can offer them."

The new Sporting Director also emphasised the importance of Big Data: "New technologies bring a lot to the table in the 21st century. Closing the door on that is absurd. Winning teams like Manchester City and Liverpool invest a lot of money in it. It all contributes. We can all take advantage of it. I will never sign a player just because of the data and I won't stop signing players without checking their data."

Orta does not believe he'll have any issues when it comes to adapting to the club's needs: "If you look at my career, I've managed every type of budget, from shortages, Championship sides in England... I've adapted to any kind of budget and I'm not scared in that sense, neither in terms of knowledge of players who can fit in to the budget, nor in terms of budget management." Regarding rumours, he mentioned that "yesterday I sent a message to Rodrigo to congratulate him on winning the Nations League. If that is a teaser for any news, we are exaggerating a little bit."

To finish, Víctor commented on the academy: "I understand the responsibility of developing youngsters from the youth system. I lived with it for seven years, with many successes. Honestly, I don't think the division the reserves are in is relevant, because there are players who have broken through from the bottom. What's important is the quality of the players and I know what the club's philosophy is regarding the academy. I will work with the academy to impose an ambitious idea that can nurture players for the first team, which is always the main objective."