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The standard-bearer of Andalusian football stockpiles 31 official titles: six European, seven domestic, 18 Andalusian. To this day Sevilla remains a thriving club still on the rise - having just this month achieved 1000 La Liga wins and qualified for its 8th Copa del Rey semi-final of the 21st Century
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This Thursday, Sevilla FC - the oldest club in Andalusia - will celebrate 128 beautiful years in the world of football, having spanned three centuries in existence. On Saturday the 25th of October 1890, the marvellous and impassioned Sevillista adventure began and this Thursday the 25th of January 2018, the adventure still shines bright and strong with sporting achievements that have only ever been in the reach of the greats. This year's anniversary has been accompanied by fitting sporting milestones: becoming just the sixth club to win 1000 games in the Spanish Primera División and once again reaching the illustrious semi-finals of the Copa del Rey - showing yet again the range of the team's ambition.    

This year's anniversary has been accompanied by fitting sporting milestones: becoming the sixth club to win 1000 Primera División games and once again reaching the semi-finals of the Copa del Rey

It was on a Saturday 128 years ago. Our very founders met and came to the decision that "we should play in accordance with the rules of the Federation", thus giving birth to Sevilla Football Club and laying the foundations of its board structure. Today's birthday marks 128 years since Edward F. Johnston was named the first Chairman of the Club; 128 years since Hugo Maccoll was named the Captain to lead and guide those first Sevillista footballers in the precise school of the "Scottish touch", that would later go on to be known as the Escuela Sevillista (The Sevillista School) to locals; and 128 years since Isaias White was named Club Secretary, days later having the honour to send invitations for the first football match to be played between two Spanish footballing societies.

After 26 years in existence, in 1916, came the first title: The Copa de Andalucía (The Andalusian Cup)

The young and vibrant club would start to win titles at 26 years old - winning the Andalusian Cup 18 out of 21 times between 1916 and 1940. Nervionense honours would reach national levels five years prior to the final regional title in 1940 - winning the Copa de España (what we know today as the Copa del Rey) in 1935, 1939, 1948 as well as in 2007 and 2010 this century. The 1945/46 league Championships would be a sparkling landmark trophy to add to the collection and the Spanish Supercup would complete the long list of domestic titles in 2007

Sevilla FC's badge has also been a shining beacon of success beyond Spanish borders, having competed in 176 official continental fixtures to this date. In fact, the Club has been making a name for itself on an international stage since 1957/58 when it competed alongside a triumphant Real Madrid in the now extinct Copa de Europa (European Cup). Titles would have to wait but goals were already plentiful, with 298 in two of the three centuries spanned. Nevertheless Sevilla would go on to write itself a glorious European history: winning an unprecedented five UEFA Europa leagues in 2006, 2007, 2014, 2015 and 2016 - making the Nervionenses the most successful team in the competition's history. The club would add a cherry on top of the success with a European Supercup in 2006.  

A total of 31 titles, to date, as standard-bearer of Andalucía. The next year, in the 2018/19 season, will mark Sevilla's will complete their 75th year in the Spanish elite. The club currently sits in sixth place and a long way ahead of any other Andalusian team. To all of this you only need to add a stadium that has been a home to Spanish football and the only field where the Spanish national side has not seen defeat. It has also been host to a World Cup semi-final in 1982 (France vs. Germany) and to the 1986 European Cup final, the only Spanish stadium, together with the Camp Nou and the Santiago Bernabéu, to have such a privilege. 

Sevilla have played 176 official matches in Europe and boasts home-grown players who contributed to 2 European Championships and 1 World Cup with the national sidevilla suma en Europa 176 citas oficiales y canteranos de pura cepa contribuyeron a ganar dos Eurocopas y un Mundial de la selección española

Alongside footballers from other places, the Sevillista academy has played an important role in the Nervión side's achievements. Three players who came from the academy side, Carlos Marchena of Las Cabezas; Sergio Ramos of Camas; and Jesús Navas of Los Palacios, will be recognised as home-grown players at Sevilla that contributed enormously to the Spanish national side's success in 2 Euros (2008-2012) and a World Cup (2010).

This Thursday, the 25th of January 2018, marks a day of huge celebration for Sevillismo.  Looking back means resetting once again to guarantee the Club continues moving forwards and expanding its own legacy for years to come. cultivating the legacy so that it can continue indefinitely into future years. It's a proud responsibility that future generations of Sevillistas will bear as they protect a sparkling history that has been defended with strength and courage since 1890.