Christmas campaign 2023
The Club


During this season of goodwill, we feel it is important to raise awareness about the problem of the unwanted loneliness that faces many older supporters

Cuerpo Superior

With just a few days until Christmas, we are determined to make these upcoming days even more special, if possible, for everyone. This year's slogan aims to highlight the capacity of football - and in particular Sevilla FC - to establish links between people who may not have much in common, but who share a common Sevillista identity.

This year, we are shedding light on one particular Sevillista who, after a major loss in their life, spends most of their days without much motivation except to follow their team from their home. They have little contact with the outside world, just the delivery man who, day after day, brings them lunch and dinner. In the end, without knowing it, they both shared a passion for the same team, with Sevilla FC. It is just one example of how much football can contribute to a society in which so many people have a hard time for various reasons. And to translate this idea into reality, which is really what it is all about, the club has devised some actions to be carried out during this holiday season. Firstly, the pupils of the Antonio Puerta School will write letters and draw pictures which will be exhibited in the Residencia de las Hermanitas de los Pobres, in Calle Luis Montoto, so that our older citizens can share in the Christmas magic of the younger ones.

Next, some of the legendary players of the club, such as Pablo Blanco, Curro Sanjosé, Enrique Lora, Paco Gallego, Antonio Álvarez and Rodri, will pay a visit to the residence. As well as retelling footballing tales, there will be raffles and gifts will be handed out on a very special day. In addition to the elderly, we also know how important it is to be with the younger ones, who have a particularly hard time at this time of year. For this reason, in an action that has been repeated year after year, a Sevillista expedition led by the president, José Castro, and several of the players from the men's and women's squads, visited the Virgen del Rocío Children's Hospital, where they all sang Christmas carols and handed out gifts. These were moments of hope and joy, so necessary at this time of year.