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Our president spoke via a video link at a press conference organized by LaLiga to mark two years since the launch of 'Boost LaLiga'
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On Monday afternoon, José María del Nido Carrasco took part, via video link, in a press conference organized by LaLiga to celebrate the first two years of 'Boost LaLiga.' Together with officials from RCD Mallorca, Real Sporting and LaLiga, our president explained what 'LaLiga Impulso' means for the club: "The first thing that the CVC funds (which come from the 'Boost LaLiga' initiative)  allow us to do is to grow faster than would otherwise be possible. This applies to internationalisation, strategic markets, and to the brand, which we are in the process of updating. It has been equally important on social networks, with campaigns that have allowed us to treble our number of followers, and the creation of applications through the data and research and development departments. Also, the work we are carrying out at the training ground with three pitches and a new building that will be opened next month and which has cost us €14 million. Of course, the Impulse Plan has also been central to the project for the new Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán, which we want to start in two seasons' time. Some of these projects would have been delayed and others might not have happened at all without the strength of CVC and without feeling so supported by the magnificent professionals at LaLiga."

Regarding next steps, he assured that "while continuing to work and grow alongisde other LaLiga clubs, both on the pitch and in branding and social media, we will be complying with the 2030 agenda for sustainability and completing renovations at the training ground after a successful first phase. The redevelopment of the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán, which will be expanded to 55,000 spectators - 10% of which will be VIP areas - will also be at the forefront of our plans. Thanks to an investment of more than €300 million, our new stadium will be open 365 days a year and offer services that transcend the usual match-day activity. LaLiga have been extremely supportive, analysing our detailed economic reports, which we submitted as soon as possible. Our new ground, the jewel in the crown that will allow us to increase the stadium's revenue by €30-40 million net for the coming seasons."

LaLiga, RCD Mallorca and Real Sporting officials also spoke at the conference 

Also, he explained how the new stadium will be used to increase revenue: "The first thing that we did was request a personalised report from Legends Hospitality, who provided us with some suggestions. From their expertise in other sports, in order to generate income every day of the year and not just on match days, they recommend having plenty of open-air areas, different hospitality options, and multi-use rooms that could be used for conventions, for example, that maintain a link to the city. The more money we bring in, the more money we can invest in the club and in the squad. Of course, any football club's objective is to win as many games as possible, but ultimately money is the key that gives you access to the best players. If all clubs can grow, then so will LaLiga. With the extra money we will all be able to attract the best players in an already competitive market and give the best football and the best entertainment to the fans. In the market, we might be looking at players worth 10-15 million euros currently, but doubling our income could see us sign players around the 30-million mark.

Finally, he discussed the possibility that all LaLiga clubs join 'Boost LaLiga': "For us, we view the stance that Real Madrid and Athletic Club have taken as a lack of solidarity with LaLiga and with the rest of the clubs. CVC's project has been accepted by 39 clubs after careful consideration, with sustainable growth the target. I don't know what they will do, but I hope they decide to grow with LaLiga. I support the RFEF, who are on board with these growth plans within Spain and within football in general."