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The president spoke about the strategic plan of the club over the next few seasons
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The club was one of the main participants at the São Paulo Sports Summit held on Wednesday. President José María del Nido Carrasco led one of the presentations of the day, in which he outlined the key points of the club's strategic plan for the upcoming years, building on what he had spoken about in his first press conference as the club's president in January.
"We are a rebellious club, competing against and defeating much stronger teams. We are an extremely ambitious club and proud to be from Sevilla," the president summarised when defining the club's values.
During his presentation with some of the most important clubs, companies, federations, and media outlets in South America in attendance, he outlined the pillars that will structure the club's activity in the coming years. The president explained the keys to the digitalisation process, the club's commitment to technological innovation through tools like Scout Advisor, and the internationalisation of the Sevilla FC brand, with Brazil being one of our key strategic markets.

"We have strategic aims where the most important thing is football; we want to return to the previous model of success and also invest in the youth academy, which has seen many players promoted into the first team this season," he explained.  

"We are doing what we did in the 21st century combined with the use of data, with a data department that has a lot of information to try to minimise errors when signing players," he added.

Del Nido Carrasco outlined the commitment to a model that combines a focus on the youth academy and homegrown players, along with the successful model of utilising scouting to find young players who can develop and increase in value. Finally, the president referenced the projects aimed at improving the club's facilities, such as the renovation of the José Ramón Cisneros Palacios Ciudad Deportiva and the construction of the new Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán Stadium.