Joan Jordán, Sevilla FC


The midfielder sat down after training and spoke about how the squad is feeling with four matches left in the season
Cuerpo Superior

Sitting down for an extensive interview with Club media, Joan Jordán spoke about the latest news at the Club and what's to come in the short and medium term. First up was how the squad was feeling after the tough defeat against Athletic: 'The week has been going well. I think we've got back up from the defeat, it was a really big blow because we were so excited to do something big. There are four vital games left. This weekend is key for us - there's still a chance of us doing something big and that's what we're gunning for.

Cuerpo Inferior

The Catalan made it clear the team was focused on the remainder of the season: 'We've been training well at a high intensity and that says a lot about the team. We have a very important fortnight coming up and no one is letting up, it's important competition remains high throughout the team. If even a few players let themselves go, it's worse for the entire group, but the team is switched on and no one will drop their level.

He admitted he was dealing with a few knocks but he will make the game this weekend: 'I'm feeling good. I've been dealing with a few knocks over the last couple of weeks and I'm a real perfectionist. When I don't have control over everything I'm a bit more irritable and I'm sure my wife is a bit fed up with me! Other than that, I'm doing well, nursing these knocks to help me finish the season as best I can. I'm happy with how the season has went, it's been a great one for us. Qualifying for the Champions League with five matches to go is a great feat and we fought deep into the Champions League and the Cup. But it's not over yet and we are ready for these four games.'

'I've been dealing with some knocks for a couple of weeks, but I'll be able to finish the season strongly'

Joan did not hide that Monday's result hurt the team, but he made it clear they have already overcome the pain: 'We've dealt with the loss as best we could, it was a real blow. It really hurt us as we'd worked so hard to be up there. We played great for 60, 70 minutes and we had some great chances. In the last 15 minutes our passion got the better of us and we opened up and they had more space. A draw was no good for us and our disorganisation punished us. The goal really hurt. We had a rest the day after and we had the chance to reflect and yesterday we worked on the mental side of things to prepare us for the next objective.

If there's anything this Sevilla has shown, it's that it never knows when to surrender: 'There has been the odd exception but that is what we've shown over the last two seasons. Thanks to Monchi, Lopetegui and the great group. Whenever we've had a blow we've always got back up. The only thing we can do is to keep going. We will never surrender and we are so motivated with what's at stake. The only message I'd send is that we will fight to the death to win on Sunday.'

'We played well on Monday for 70 minutes but then our heart got the better of our head'

Jordán did not wish to get into what might happen should the team win the remaining four games: 'I'm not one for adding up points here and points there because it never ends up working like that. We have our competitive spirit that can never be taken away. I don't like speculating but I really hope we get the four wins. It would be great for the team and it would help us finish as high as possible. We have goals to achieve. The Spanish Super Cup, breaking the hegemony of the top three in La Liga, the points record... That motivates us and the team will fight to the death.'

Joan was asked about the team's poor form at Madrid: 'I don't look at the stats. I prefer to analyse the games and I remember last year we played very well at the Bernabéu. They ruled out one of our goals and we lost, but we had chances to win it. It will depend on what we show on the day. It's important to take a step forward and to think we can beat anyone if we play to the best of our ability. Playing against Madrid demands your best and we will need to reach it to have a chance of winning. The week has been going well and we are ready for Sunday.' He also spoke about the match earlier in the season: 'I remember not much happened. We were playing well and it seemed we were dominating, they created few chances. Then they got a goal and it was game over. It's a sour taste and we do not want those kind of games. We want there to be action, to push high and create chances. We want to control the game.'

'On Sunday, we want there to be action, to push high and create chances'

The midfielder ruled nothing out in the short and long term: 'We want to push for everything. The Club is incredibly demanding and let's see where we end up. In two years, the project has grown a lot. We have won trophies and got our fans going. Fighting for the league with five matches to go is something to be proud of. We've made a step forward and I don't know if it'll happen this year, but we're going to try. If not, as Monchi said, we're here to stay. The Club wants to keep growing, pushing forward and hopefully we can keep ourselves up there.'

Despite not having any rest for a year, the team has continued to perform at the highest level and Jordán knows why: 'The secret is in the Sporting Management. How the players are both professionally and personally. The Club has got signings right and then the fitness coaches and physios do a great job. Everyone is important in their role and how they manage our workload and injuries is incredible. It speaks volumes that we're all fit at the end of this demanding season.

'The management of our workload and injuries has been incredible. It speaks volumes that we're all fit at this stage of the season.'

Joan's evolution has been rapid and he feels committed to the project: 'It's an honour. If you had have told me three or four years ago this is where I'd be I wouldn't have believed you. Things have went really quickly, I've developed a lot. I couldn't have imagined it but I do work very hard. I live and breathe football and I feel I've earned this. It's an honour to be an important part of this project.'

'If I had to change my plans this summer, it would be amazing. It's a dream for me and a goal. I work hard for it but I haven't got the call yet and that's ok. If I keep improving maybe one day I'll get the call. I will try and be ready if the moment comes. I don't shy away from the fact it's an important goal for me and I will keep working hard so the chance comes.'