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Our head coach expects the team to continue the recent positive performances against Villarreal "now that a lot of the pressure has been taken off."
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Quique Sánchez Flores spoke ahead of tomorrow's game at La Cerámica, with relegation having been mathematically avoided. He said, "We're entering a somewhat different few weeks finally, without that pressure like we had against Granada. I hope the players make the most of it, and can enjoy these last few games, knowing that we're facing strong teams but also that we can maintain the level of our results and competitiveness. We'll also try not to pick up any more injuries. It's a shame we haven't been able to get to these final few games with a fully fit squad." 

From the team, he expects one thing: "We will try to show a team with character, that's competitve, and that aims to concede few goals. It is true that we have to work, above all, on focusing so that we don't collapse after so much tension. It is essential that we're ready to compete. We are expecting a tricky opponent, a team that are good upfront, with players like Sorloth or Guedes making direct runs. They have different ways of playing and we'll need to be alert and start well." 

Furthermore, he was asked about Jordán and the criticism from the stands last Sunday: "You know more about Joan's importance to Sevilla than I do. He has been crucial for several achievements and successes. In difficult moments, everything gets criticised and Joan has been criticised. We have had a number of injuries in midfield, Óliver, Sow, Gudelj... We are going to need players whom we believe can give us good balance and understand how we want to play. He hasn't played many minutes but he understands the game, and if he gets minutes, he will perform well."

"It's a shame we haven't been able to get to these final few games with a fully fit squad" 

Regarding possibly continuing next season he began by thanking the fans: "When one passes through a place, they have to leave a mark of professionalism, honesty, respect for what they do, and for whom they do it... That's something I feel. We have gone through a very difficult journey together, and we have a special bond. I hope that continues. It's important to be good to those you work with. I am very grateful to the fans for that." However, he said that a decision would be made in due course: "I refer to what I told you earlier. There are four games left, and when the season ends, it will be time to communicate what is deemed appropriate. There's nothing now that I have to say. There are three weeks left, then, we'll talk."

In terms of the 2024/25 season, he preferred to wait: "I don't feel I am able to talk about next season yet because I'm part of this project, to sit down and talk about a project that hasn't started because the current one hasn't finished. What I do ask is to be respected in these three weeks. To have space to think, to have my reflections. There are things I don't agree with. The other day I spoke to the players because we were watching the sports news in the dining room and they started saying that I had made decisions and lists. I find it disrespectful to the players for things to come out that are not true. I made it clear that I have nothing to do with that because I don't make lists. Let what remains of the season finish and then we'll see. If I had to make decisions, I would make them, but now is not the time for those decisions at the moment." 

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Furthermore, he confirmed that he is not participating in squad planning: "I was cautious in the winter transfer window because I had been at the club for two weeks. The sensible thing was to let the people who had been at the club for months and years act. Seasons are planned when clubs deem it appropriate, and I understand that the president and the sports director will be negotiating. That would be what I expect."

Returning to the game, he said: "I would like us to start on the front foot as we have been doing recently. To show what we can do. We have to win every game and the higher we finish, the better, the more money the club gets and the overall season improves. A very bad season can be reduced to just a bad or strange season. It should be easier to compete now that a lot of the pressure has been taken away." 

He hopes that now a new side will emerge, not so conditioned by circumstances: "It has been a season of so much anguish, it would be good to put that to one side and play with a bit of freedom and expression, which historically the club has always done. Executing a rescue plan has nothing to do with freedom or expression. Menotti said that football was order and adventure. We tightened things up to get results but we would have liked to be more attacking and to be creative. These have been the times when we have had to play the way we have in order to get results." 

"We tightened things up to get results but we would have liked to be more attacking and to be creative" 

Cerrando con nombres propios, se le preguntó por el nivel de Ramos y Navas: "Me sorprende que puedan jugar a ese nivel. Yo he destacado mucho la opción de los chicos jóvenes, que es vitamina pura y que nos da identidad. Es un cordón umbilical para sentirnos sevillistas y saber de dónde venimos. Pero estos que tienen sus treinta y largos, también cuentan. Los pondría al lado y por delante de los Isaac, Juanlu, Manu Bueno... Sergio y Navas abanderan una generación que debe ser la identidad del club, con una academia buena, productiva y con chavales que se identifican con el público".

To close he was asked about specific names and the performances of Ramos and Navas in particular: "I am surprised that they can play at that level. I have highlighted the options our young players give us too.  It is important for Sevillistas to know we have players that come from Sevilla. But those who are in their thirties also matter. I would put them alongside and ahead of Isaac, Juanlu, Manu Bueno... Sergio and Navas lead a generation that should be the club's identity, with a good and productive academy and youngsters who the fans can identify with." 

And specifically about Manu Bueno, he confirmed his inclusion in the squad: "He has more chances because we have few midfielders. We wanted him since the beginning of the week, but he was injured. He trained today, he's fine, and he will come with us. We are eager to see him in action."