Series 'Never Surrender'
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Launched on Youtube by Sevilla FC and its strategic partners, FC Bengaluru United, Valvoline and LaLiga, it tells several powerful stories of Indian sport based on the spirit of self-improvement embodied in Sevilla's famous motto
Cuerpo Superior

The series 'Never Surrender', launched in May by Sevilla FC on their official Youtube channel, with the help of its strategic partners India Valvoline, FC Bengaluru United and LaLiga, will take another step forward in its broadcasting from this weekend. The documentary, which tells different powerful stories of Indian sport across four episodes, all based on the spirit of achievement embodied in the Sevillista motto 'Never Surrender', will be broadcast simultaneously on VH1 and Color Infinity channels this Sunday from 20.00 hours (Indian time). The broadcast will screen all four episodes back-to-back and will be followed by a rerun on Sunday, July 2 on the same channels. 'Never Surrender', the main motto of Sevilla FC and which sums up their character, transcends borders and has made its mark in one of the countries of high strategic value for the club, India. 

There, Sevilla FC work with two top-level partners, FC Bengaluru United and Valvoline, as well as LaLiga. With all of them, they are developing several projects that help to establish the brand in one of the most populated countries in the world. The four episodes which have already been broadcast on Sevilla FC's official Youtube channel, and which will be shown on the Indian channels VH1 and Color Infinity, feature a football team made up of blind people in Kochi (Kerala), Hadiya, a self-taught freestyler, a local Sevillista fan, Vamshi Origanti, and finally FC Bengaluru United itself, a strategic partner of Sevilla FC that shares basic principles such as a commitment to technology, youth football and the ambition to be at the top of Indian football. 

Special chapter with a cricket star

An additional fifth episode has recently been released, also on Sevilla FC's Youtube channel, which focuses on the famous cricketer Dinesh Karthik, from Royal Challengers Bangalore. His story shows how he overcame various problems to reach the elite of the sport, the most widely followed in India. Partnering with a cricket star like Dinesh Karthik, who has millions of followers on social media, helps Sevilla FC and its partners in India to create effective, quality content to connect with local audiences and further expand the brand in an area that is so important to the Club's ongoing Strategic Internationalisation Plan.

In addition, earlier this month, FC Bengaluru United hosted a viewing of the series for all its employees at its premises. To date, the documentary, produced exclusively in English, has been viewed almost 10,000 times on Youtube. From this Sunday, its broadcasting will be boosted by the interest of Viacom18, owner of VH1 and Color Infinity channels, in broadcasting 'Never Surrender'.