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Oso expressed his delight on his debut: "It's a dream come true and I will keep working hard so that more opportunities come my way"
Cuerpo Superior

Gattoni, Dmitrovic, Manu Bueno and Oso spoke after the win in Astorga. After booking our place in the Round of 32, the Argentine centre-back, who sealed the win with a fine header, was happy with the result: "The most important thing is that the team got the victory. We clearly have things to improve, but we had to get the result to focus on what's coming up. I'm happy with the goal, the team is working on a day-to-day to get what we we all want. We're all in the same boat and that's very important for the aims that we have, it was a hard-fought game, at times it's part of the game but we're already focused on the weekend."

Goalkeeper Dmitrovic gave the following assessment of a clinical victory that came after being given the ‘favourites’ tag: “We had to be ready for anything. We knew people expected us to go through, but we still had to get the job done on the pitch and the first goal gave us control, as with the second from Gattoni. I wasn’t cold during the game but ultimately you have to be able to adapt to the conditions. We’ve been doing well in the last few weeks, every day you can see the progress with the coach. We just need to keep pushing and our luck will turn.”

Two academy products also had their say on the cup win. First was Manu Bueno, visibly delighted to have made his full debut for the club: “I’m very happy to have been given a chance from the off and that we’ve gone through to the next round. It’s a pleasure to play with players who have won it all in their careers, to train with them is fantastic and allows you to learn and improve every day. The shirt is for my granddad who couldn’t make it to the game today.” Finally, Oso, who made his first appearance for the team after replacing Bueno as a substitute, also offered his thoughts on the match, admitting it was something he’d been aiming for since he was a child: “It’s a dream come true and I will keep working hard so that more opportunities come my way. I owe this to many people: my parents, my brother, my whole family and everyone who has supported me along the way. I’ll keep this shirt forever.”