Board member Luis Castro and our head of women's football, Amparo Gutiérrez, were present
Cuerpo Superior

During their gala in Madrid, Liga F presented their new strategy for women's football. It was held at the Eslava theatre and the competition's new strategy and values were revealed. 'Vamos Ganando' has become the slogan for the competition, reinforcing the improvements made over the past decades by Liga F players and clubs, as a result of their constant efforts and hard work.

Liga F president, Beatriz Álvarez Mesa, and vice president, Rubén Alcaine, hosted the event which over 150 people attended. Included in that number were players, club representatives, politicians, sponsors, media companies, athletes and the presidents of Spain's biggest sporting organisations - National Sports Council (CSD) president Víctor Francos, LaLiga president Javier Tebas, National Futsal League (LNFS) president Javier Lozano, Liga ASOBAL president Servando Revuelta, and ProLiga president David Jiménez. Sevilla FC were represented by board member Luis Castro and our head of women's football, Amparo Gutiérrez.

Comedian Alex Clavero and journalist Andrea Peláez were in charge of the evening's entertainment and Álvarez Mesa gave an emotional speech. She said "just over a year ago we presented Liga F to you. Many things have happened since then - we've faced obstacles and had difficulties. But we've also had a lot to celebrate. Milestones have been reached, records have been set, new members have joined. We are optimistic for the future. This season started with some difficulties in terms of negotiation. But we've made important changes. For now we're keeping our feet firmly on the ground, but we have started to think about how to become bigger and better. I would like to highlight two key areas that we will target - strategic planning and brand development. We want to be more than just organisers of a competition. We want to be a symbol of change within society, of an inclusive community. Our resilience will bring us success. Today marks the start of a new era of unity, peace and stability to develop women's football in Spain. But actions speak louder than words. Above all I would like to congratulate our World Champions. And, of course, Jenni, we are all with you.

"Today marks the start of a new era of unity, peace and stability to develop women's football in Spain"

The president finished with a firm message. "After the rain comes a rainbow. I'm very happy to be here with you today, celebrating the fact that we will become bigger and better."

During the gala, the feats of the national Spain women's team were recognised after winning the country's first Women's World Cup. Attention was then turned to Alex Pallete, head of PICNIC, who delivered Liga F's new core brand values. Emphasis was put on becoming the best league in the world and co-working efficiently so that "tomorrow's problems are overcome today."