The below cookies policy corresponds to our principal domain, as well as to, and to our secondary domains relevant to All references to the principal domain are applicable to secondary domains.

This website uses its own cookies and those from third parties to improve and optimise the experience of the user, without which it is not possible to access our site.

It is possible that on entry to our site and/or any of our pages, cookies may have been received (relating to browsing session or statistics for technical reasons), these can be deleted if the user does not accept or conform to our cookie policy.

What are they, what type and how do we use cookies?

Cookies are plain text archives that the website or application in use installs on your browser, so that the website can consult them.

Cookies only associate themselves with one anonymous user and their computer/device and do not obtain references to personal details. At any point from their configuration, cookies can be deleted/blocked from a browser, with this causing a possible change in browsing experience on our website or the offering of other services.

The cookies on our website are used to control private sections, control the selected language, online shopping baskets in the case of our online shop, the collection of anonymous statistics and to improve user experience; third party cookies (Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc.) are used for statistics, creation of anonymous user profiles for the management of advertising campaigns and access to personalised information.

Our cookies do not collect personal information, in the case of validation the use of temporary identifying data is possible which is destroyed when the corresponding browsing session finishes, or the validation process ends.

We can find ourselves, therefore, with session cookies that expire when the user ends the session by leaving the web page or closing the browser. In our case they are used to control private sections and the selection of languages.

Permanent cookies, kept on the computer before expiration or having not been deleted manually, are used for statistics and/or the personalisation of services and advertising.

We can also classify the cookies from our web site in accordance with their management, with what we find in terms of own cookies (managed by our site) and third party cookies, principally those corresponding to social networks (eg.on clicking ‘like’ on Facebook), Google (statistics) and advertising services (control of the showing of adverts).

In summary, accessing our website can result in having the following types of cookies installed:

  • De sesión: Session: control access to private sections and online shopping basket
  • De preferencias: Preferences: selected language, volumen, etc.
  • De publicidad: Advertising: control advertising space
  • De estadisticas: Statistics: obtain anonymous data relating to statistics of the use of our website.

For further information on cookies, please use the following link:

Cookies on our website

Namen Domain Comment
_utma, _utmb, _utmc, _utmz, PHPSESSION, sfc_cok Technical cookies for personalisation of the site and control of sessions.
OAID Identifier of the site to obtain anonymous information of users.
guest_id,_utma, utmb, utmc, utmz, guestid, remember_checked, remember_checked_on, secure_sesion, twll Identifier of the site and technical cookies to share content using twitter.
NetRefer_CookieUniTrack_V Affiliated identifier of the site and statistical information.
Act, c_user, csm, datr, fl, lu, p, presence, s, sub, xs Site identifier and technical cookies to share content using Facebook.

Activation/Deactivation of cookies.

The management of cookies will depend on the browser and/or device in use, normally the tools menu (which can be found under the name configuration or preferences) from the privacy option of advanced option shows the option to block or not allow cookies.

For more information the help section of the browser in use should be consulted, or alternatively consult the following links for help in relation to the browser that you are using:

Updating the cookie policy.

It is possible for us to update our Cookie Policy and, as such, it is recommendable to revisit the Cookie Policy each time our web site is accessed. The Cookie Policy was last updated on 10 September 2013.