The entire purchasing process takes place in a secure environment. Once your information has been confirmed, access will be granted to the pay server for the corresponding bank card where your bank may request some type of confirmation.

  • Changes, refunds, or cancellations are not permitted, whether tickets have been purchased through the ticket office, telephone, or online.
  • Access to the stadium grounds is not permitted without a ticket that has passed through the entrance control.
  • As of the 2015-2016 season, children under 5 also require a ticket thas passed through the entrance control.
  • There are no discounted senior tickets.
  • There are no discounts for groups or organisations.

For any questions or information, you may contact the Sevilla FC Supporter's Information office.


Purchased tickets may be collected at the Stadium’s Main Ticket Office, during the opening hours established for each match (you can find this information included among the general information for each match).


Sections S46 and S38 in the upper deck of Gol Sur are reserved for visiting supporters, especially during matches against rivals from Andalusia, Real Madrid C.F., F.C. Barcelona, and UEFA Europa League matches.

Therefore, if they are requested they will not be available for purchase at the Ticket Office, and these tickets must be acquired through the visiting clubs.


Matches labelled “Fuera de Abono” are included in the season ticket and season ticket holders will require only their season pass to access the match.


1.- What does it mean to relinquish your season ticket seat?

Relinquishing your season ticket allows a season ticket holder who is not going to go to a particular match to free up their seat to allow the Club to sell it to a third party.

2.- What advantages does this have for season ticket holders?

In the case that you relinquish your seat and it is sold to a third party, the profits obtained from the sale will be divided between the club and the season ticket holder.

3.- How much will I receive?

The season ticket holder will receive 40% of the total cost of the ticket, valued depending on the price established for each match. The Club will pay the service cost as well as all of the taxes related to the sale, and keep the remaining 60%.

For example, if the seat is sold for 100 euros, the season ticket holder will receive €40. If the price of the seat is 60 euros, they will receive €24.

4.- How can I find out the price of my seat?

At www.sevillafc.es/entradas, you may check what price corresponds to your seating area and whether there are any promotions for that area.

5.- How will I receive payment?

The total amount accumulated during the current season will be paid into a “virtual” account in the name of the season-ticket holder.

6.- How can I recover the amount?

The total accumulated cost over the course of the season will be used to “pay” for renewing your season ticket for the upcoming season, up to a maximum of 50% of the cost of the season ticket, including additional fees if applicable.

7.- If I have accumulated more money than half the price of the season ticket, do I lose it?

There is no reason this should occur: you may change your seat to a more expensive season ticket in order to take the most advantage of the accumulated amount.

8.- How will the accumulated amount be paid in the case of a Family Pack?

For the purposes of renewing a Family Pack season ticket, payment may include all the accumulated amounts of all the season tickets that make up the Family Pack for paying the cost of renewal.

For example, a 1+2 Family Pack that has a total renewal cost of 800+20+20 euros, and each season ticket holder included in the Pack has a total accumulated amount of 70 euros, 210 euros will be discounted from the total renewal cost: 840-210=630 euros.

If only two season ticket holders included in the Pack renew their season ticket, and the cost is 650+20, they may only discount the amount accumulated by those two season ticket holders, adding up to 140 euros: 670-140=530 euros.

9.- How do I relinquish my seat?

Once you have logged in, select the match and click “LIBERAR.” You will receive confirmation.

10.- When is the deadline for relinquishing my seat?

Up to 24 hours before kick-off for the match in question, when the option will be deactivated.

11.- If I decide that I want to attend the match, can I recover my seat?

As long as your seat has not been sold, you may do so up to 24 hours before the match begins. If it has indeed been sold, you may not recover your seat for the match.

12.- How can I recover it?

After logging in to the website, select the match in question and click “RECUPERAR.” Confirmation that you have recovered your seat will appear.

13.- How do I find out if my seat has been sold?

The online platform will indicate if your seat has been purchased by a third party.

14.- I don't really trust this process…

We would like to assure you that the entire process is automatic and carried out in a highly-secure environment. Relinquishing seats, as well as sale and recovery, take place online in real time, without delays.

15.- Can I know the total accumulated amount for the season?

Yes: the total amount in Euros will appear in the upper-left portion of the website.

16.- What other information does this website provide?

By using different search filters, you may filter results by month, competition, or the status of your seat: relinquished, able to be relinquished, or sold.

17.- Will this service be active for the entire duration of the season?

No, it will only be active for certain matches: those that are in high demand and sell out quickly.

18.- How can I manage more than one season ticket?

There are two options: First, “Cambiar socio,” located on the left-hand side of the page, which will ask you for identification information for the other season ticket holder. Second, by logging out by clicking “Log out” on the upper part of the page and logging in again as the other user.

19.- What is my security PIN?

By default, the PIN is the day and month of birth of the season ticket holder, in 4-digit format. In the case of company passes, the PIN must be requested in person at the Club.

For example, a season ticket holder born on the 4th of May of 1978 will have the PIN 0405. One born on the 25th of November will have default PIN 2511.

20.- Can I change my PIN number?

Yes, on the web platform: under the “Configuración” menu on the left-hand side of the page there is the option to change your PIN by clicking on “Cambiar código personal.”

21.- What should I do if I don't remember my PIN?

On the login screen of the web platform, there is the option to request a new PIN, labelled “¿Has olvidado tu código personal?” You may also contact us by telephone or via email, and we will provide you with a new PIN.

22.- What should I do if someone relinquishes my seat without my permission?

Each season ticket holder is responsible for the use and protection of their access information (season ticket number and PIN). The Club will not be responsible under any circumstances for unauthorized access.

23.- Any security recommendations?

Do not provide your security PIN to anyone, and log out after each time you access the website. Of course, keep your contact information on the season ticket form up-to-date for the proper resolution of any issues that may occur.

24.- When will the money appear in my virtual account?

Once the match has finished the system will be closed and the corresponding amount will be transferred to each season ticket holder’s virtual account.

I have other questions that have not been resolved here.

Please send an email to taquillas@sevillafc.es and we will try to resolve them as quickly as possible.


  • COMPETICIÓN: LaLiga Santander - Primera División
  • FECHA: Domingo 14 de mayo de 2017
  • HORA: 20.00 h.
  • LUGAR: Estadio Santiago Bernabeu


Encuentro correspondiente a la 38ª Jornada de la LaLiga Santander.

El precio de las entradas es 50 euros en Cuarto Anfiteatro Norte.



     De martes 9 a jueves 11 de 10 a 14 y de 16 a 19 horas.

     Viernes 12 de 10 a 14 horas. (o hasta agotar la disponibilidad)

Características de la venta:

  • Las entradas serán NOMINATIVAS (Debiendo aportar DNI original o copia).
  • Se controlará el acceso en destino, siendo obligatorio presentar DNI original. Los menores de 16 años deberán presentar Libro de Familia y estar acompañados por un adulto.
  • Serán personales e intransferibles.
  • El Sevilla FC no se responsabilizará de la perdida, robo o deterioro de las entradas.
  • No se admitirán cambios o devoluciones.
  • Los aficionados tendrán que aportar en el momento de la retirada de la entrada la información sobre su viaje a lugar de destino.
  • Los aficionados que deseen portar alguna pancarta deberán comunicarlo al menos 48 horas antes del partido al Departamento de Seguridad del Club a través del siguiente email: seguridad@sevillafc.es