The Club’s Medical Services include three divisions under single management:

  • First Team Medical Staff
  • Lower Tier Teams Medical Staff
  • Nutrition.


The director of medical services is in charge of coordinating the different divisions, especially the First Team Medical Staff.

Together, the Medical Services Staff is composed of 18 professional:

  • 4 doctors
  • 1 nutrition expert
  • 3 physical education experts
  • 6 physical therapists
  • 4 massage therapists (two of them are graduates of Physical Therapy).


Beyond these staff members, the Club’s Medical Services include 5 professionals that, occupying different posts, cover different aspects of medical assistance:

  • A back-up doctor for Ciudad Deportiva matches.
  • An osteopathic physician and a podologist for the first team.
  • A physical therapist and rehabilitation expert in order to reinforce medical assistance for the lower tier teams.

    First team

    Their mission is to provide medical assistance to first team players regarding injury as well as prevention. This preventative effort includes, among others:

    • Annual medical examinations.
    • Control of weight and nutrition.
    • Carrying out periodic analytical checks.
    • Laboratory functional assessment (including stress tests)
    • Supply of ergogenic aids and other biological support measures.
    • Prevention of doping.
    • Prevention of injuries to muscles or tendons, in collaboration with other staff members.

    In-person tasks primarily include diagnosis and treatment of sports-related injuries and determining if players are sufficiently fit to participate in training sessions or competition.

    Lower tiers

    Their function also revolves around treatment, prevention, and diagnosis, applying specialised treatment to the second team, who follow an approach similar to the first team. Sevilla Atlético is covered by a doctor, a physical therapist, and two massage therapists, as well as a rehabilitation specialist shared by Sevilla FC and the División de Honor youth. The remaining teams receive assistance in the afternoon from a doctor and two physical therapists.

    The Medical Services for lower tier teams take care of all the annual medical examinations for all Club players and staff with the exception of the first team. Similarily, they cover all matches taking place at the Ciudad Deportiva during the weekends.


    Their mission is to ensure that the player’s nutrition is healthy, balanced, and adapted to the current demands of training and competition. Their function in regards to the first team are the following, among other duties:

    • To establish nutritional regimes and coordinate ergogenic aids with the doctors.

    In regards to the lower tier teams, the Nutrition division carries out educational efforts concerning nutrition, as well as periodic weight and body fat percentage checks.


    The Medical Centre is located at the Ciudad Deportiva, in the same building as the first team’s dressing room. It contains a reception that provides access to two independent work areas:

    • First team: this area features two consultation rooms, a meeting room, treatment room, ultrasound room, and an examination room with a variety of uses.

    • Lower tier teams: this area contains a waiting room, a consultation room, and two treatment rooms.

    Next to the facilities themselves, there is an ambulance present every day that is connected to Medical Services.