Sevilla FC foundation


Antonio Álvarez as an ambassador of the Foundation and representatives from La Liga Genuine and from the Women's team were in attendance on Wednesday in a ceremony carried out in the Seville town hall

Sevilla FC were represented on Wednesday by the Foundation at the presentation of another edition of the charity calendar from the Seville Autism association. In this case, the calendar has been possible thanks to the Foundation together with Real Betis, whose Men's and Women's players, as well as La Liga Genuine players, have been photographed alongside people with autism. 

The theme this year has been coexisting through sport, a reality put into motion by the DNA of the city of Seville, and wanting to reflect the importance of sport in the lives of people with autism. Sevilla have attended the ceremony through Antonio Álvarez as an ambasador for the Foundation, as well as Salvador Bernal, coach of Sevilla FC Genuine. The team also had two representatives, the same as the Women's first team, with the footballers Noelia Ramos and Rosa Otermín. The event, which was celebrated in the Seville town hall, also had David Guevara García in attendance, lieutenant to the delegate for Ecology and Sport as well as representatives from Real Betis and Mercedes Molina for Autism Seville. 

This edition of the charity calendar can be purchased at the head office of the Seville Autism association as well as many other places in Andalusia. 


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