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After conceding the first goal, the players admitted that the opposition had the upper hand, but they are confident that they can turn things around come Saturday.

Cuerpo Superior

After suffering defeat at Camp Nou, Ivan Rakitić and Karim Rekik spoke after the game. Regarding Sunday night, the Sevilla captain was the first to share his perspective: "We have to pick out more options up top and be more aggressive at the back. We have to take it on board and forget about it quickly to get ourselves back on the right path. It wasn't to be. We have to prepare for the next game, analyse today and continue from there. The new recruits have settled in well. Like I said, we have to be united, keep on going and get out of this situation".  

Centre-back, Karim Rekik, touched on the difficulty posed by the game: "Today, Barcelona were much better than us and now there isn't much to say. It was a tough day, that's how football is... some games you win, some you lose. Now, we have to put the focus on the next game at home. In regards to Marcos Acuña, we will see what happens with him tomorrow". 

In closing, Erik Lamela also offered his thoughts: "Everything got complicated in the second half after they scored as we were looking to move up the pitch and it got more and more difficult to find the opposition's goal. Now, it's time to turn the page and the next game is crucial for that to happen. Barcelona pressed a lot and we found ourselves at a disadvantage in an attacking sense but that's what they do to you at their place and it was difficult. I didn't get off to a great start, then I was able to settle myself but it was too late. We have to be self-critical and keep on working hard". 

Cuerpo Inferior