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José María del Nido Carrasco
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The Club President thanks him for his professionalism, commitment to the club and leaves the door open for the future
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Club President, José María del Nido Carrasco spoke at Sergio Ramos's farewell this morning. "Today, like any other goodbye, is a sad day. With Segio it is not a goodbye but see you later. The door will always be open for Sergio whenever he wants to return. If I had to sum up his time at Sevilla in a word it would be thanks." 

Thank you for your professionalism, the 37 games, your leadership, for giving everything in such a difficult year, and your bravery. Thank you for turning down a contract that was worth much more than you earned at Sevilla, thank you for asking for the captain's armband when the going was tough. Thank you for waiting until the day after the transfer window closed, with the risk that you would be left without a club and thanks for everything you did for the club." 

I remember when we saw each other at your farm, your brother, yourself, and me and the look in your eye when you told me that you wanted to return to the club to heal the wounds, that you wanted to make peace with the fans and with your family, that football was the reason. Thank you also to René for helping Sergio return to Sevilla and being able to enjoy watching him play.

I know that Sergio will continue to help us. What he has done inside and out at the club and in the future the door will always be open for him to return. A chapter has ended but a relationship has been healed. Sergio's time at the club has been very good because wounds have been healed and links that were almost broken have been restored. We reiterate our thanks to you, Sergio, and you have the door open at any time and I am sure you will return.

Thank you, Sergio."