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Our new home for all Sevillistas will maintain the key characteristics of the current stadium and offer multiple benefits for our future
Cuerpo Superior

The unveiling of the the draft proposal for the new Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán at the last General Shareholders' Meeting marked the starting point for the construction of a new stadium for Sevillistas. There are still procedures, steps remaining, revisions pending, and the definitive project still needs to be redefined. But what is clear is that the path towards the new Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán, with construction scheduled to begin in 2026, has already begun.

Since the announcement on December 4th, as expected, the draft proposal has sparked excitement and anticipation among Sevillistas for a new stadium. Naturally, there are also doubts, uncertainties, and hopes surrounding what will be our new home. That is why we wanted to directly ask the fans, listen to their doubts, concerns, as well as their criticisms, and provide them with answers based on the specifics of the draft proposal. We aim for maximum transparency, shedding light on all the issues that may have been left unclear.

The capacity of the new stadium and the possibility of future expansion, the origin of the single Gol Norte stand, the characteristics of the new roof,  the reasons and the benefits, the transformation of our stadium into a revenue and business-generating venue, the amenities of the new venue... These are many of the questions raised by our supporters, and we aim to provide answers to them through this video.