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"Sevilla came to me and it was clear in my mind for me to to be here," said the Frenchman, describing his excitement at being in Nervión
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Boubakary Soumaré, who signed on loan from Leicester City last Friday, has given his first interview as a Sevilla player: "I'm glad to be here and to be able to play in this big club, big country, big city. So I'm just happy. It was a little bit difficult because, you know, the transfer window is what it is. But I always felt confident about my transfer here. And like I said before, I'm very, very happy and I'm grateful for enjoying the pitch and to help my teammates," he began.

"Firstly because it’s a big club, everyone knows about Sevilla and especially last year, they won a big trophy, So it's also a big chance for me to play here, to be here. And yes, I had some other offers, but Sevilla came to me and it was clear in my mind for me to to be here.

You can’t play football without money, but yes, I came for the project, for my career, for me, because like I said before, it's a big chance for me. and now I'm just waiting to play," explaining his decision to come to Nervión.

"Maresa only told me only good things about the club"

Soumaré highlighted the good things his manager at Leicester, Enzo Maresca, had to say about Sevilla and expressed his pleasure in there being other French players in the dressing room. Asked if he had spoken with them, he admitted "not yet, but I played against them few times in France and I'm happy to play with them and join them. Maresca only told me only good things about the club, so he never blocked me coming here. He was open since day one. He’s a big manager and he was a top player

Soumaré clarified how he likes to play: "I’m a player who wants to help his teammates. I can run, like everyone, play it short, play it long, attack, defend. I can’t say I have a main strength, I work on myself every day and how I can be better with my teammates. Like I said, I'm just waiting to join them and improve."

"I'm here to improve, play good football and win something"

The Frenchman has also won a league title with Lille: "It was a very big thing for us and the city and I would say I miss this feeling to win trophies. That's why I am here, to have this feeling again."

To close, Sevilla's new midfielder sent a message to the fans: "I would like to say I'm happy to be here and I'm here to improve, play good football and win something here."