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Football BenchMark's 'European Elite' Report consolidates Sevilla FC as the fourth-ranked brand in Spain and 24th in Europe. Only Tottenham, PSG and Inter have grown more since 2016, the date of their first report
Cuerpo Superior

The Sevilla FC brand continues to consolidate its position as one of the most important on the European football scene. 

Last week saw the publication of the Brand Finance report, which placed Sevilla FC as the 25th most valuable brand in Europe, and now the 'European Elite' study by Football BenchMark has been published. 

The study highlights that only three clubs in the continent have surpassed Sevilla FC in terms of brand value growth in recent years: Tottenham Hotspur (+247%), Paris Saint Germain (+239%) and Inter Milan (+215%). The Sevilla FC brand grew by 211% since the first Football BenchMark report in 2016.

The ranking of Europe's elite clubs is topped by Manchester City, whose brand is valued at €4.073 billion. The reigning Champions League champions thus overtake Real Madrid - €4.006 billion - second in the standings and the leading Spanish club. The podium is completed by Manchester United, who were defeated on our way to our seventh Europa League trophy, valued at €3.932 billion. Sevilla FC, with a valuation of €562 million, are ranked 24th, and fourth in LaLiga. In addition to Real Madrid, FC Barcelona - sixth with a valuation of €3.504 billion - and Atlético de Madrid, 11th with €1.816 billion, are second and third respectively.

The five main pillars on which this report is based are: financial data for the last three years, popularity of the club reflected in the number of fans, sporting potential, television rights generated and commercial exploitation of the stadium. The Premier League continues to be the competition represented in the greatest number, with up to eleven clubs among the 32 most valuable. The study explains that its TV rights revenue and distribution system has helped all the clubs to emerge better from the pandemic crisis. 

Serie A is represented by seven clubs and LaLiga by five: the aforementioned clubs and Villarreal CF - in 29th place with a valuation of €508 million. In this regard, it is worth noting that LaLiga is the competition with the second highest combined valuation of its representatives, after the Premier League and above Serie A, despite having two fewer clubs in the ranking.

These reports reaffirm the ambitious Strategic Plan that Sevilla FC launched with a new visual identity, based on the club's famous motto 'Never Surrender'. A slogan that was not chosen randomly, but rather reflects the idiosyncrasy of a Club that rises up against circumstances and whose ambition does not stop when facing teams with larger budgets and economic potential.

Most of the clubs that are in the top half of the ranking are in the hands of multimillionaire financial groups that have transformed their economic reality. Sevilla FC, governed for 133 years by Sevillistas, have won eleven titles in the last 17 years, facing 19 of the 23 clubs ahead of them in this ranking in different competitions. On 16th August in Athens, they will try to achieve another feat: the UEFA Super Cup against the club who lead this ranking: Manchester City, owned by the powerful Abu Dhabi United Group.