Brand Finance report into the most valuable footballing brands
The Club


The growth was above 6% and consolidates the ambitious Strategic Brand Plan put in place by the Club.
Cuerpo Superior

The Sevilla FC brand continues to rise amongst the rankings of the most valuable brands in the world of football. According to the most recent report ‘Football 50 2023’, produced by the consultant Brand Finance, Sevilla FC is ranked as the fourth most valuable brand in national football, only behind Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid. It is also the 25th most valuable brand in world football. It is worth highlighting that the Sevilla FC brand has grown by more than 6% compared to last year, ensuring that the Club has climbed 5 places up on this list.

The Spanish clubs continue their presence in the 2023 rankings, with the value of the LaLiga brand having risen by 2%, making it the second most valuable league competition. It is behind the British Premier League, that has seen its market value increase by 5%. Manchester City are the most valuable football club on the world rankings, followed by Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. The next Spanish club on the list is Atlético de Madrid, a club that stays in 12th place, but with a lower market value now than it had last year. Behind Sevilla FC are a number of our Spanish rivals in recent times, like Real Betis (34), Villarreal CF (36) and Real Sociedad (37).

The Nervion club rose 5 places in the rankings from their place in 2022

These figures are a result of the ambitious Strategic Brand Plan that Sevilla FC put in place with a new visual identity. A strategy based on the Club’s ‘Never Surrender’ and the intention to make this more renowned globally. Sevilla FC is a club that has a long history of fighting, putting in hard work, overcoming issues and being successful, that it never surrenders in front of adversity, and it always aims to be better. This year has shown this as the Club won its seventh Europa League title and so consolidated its position as the 8th most successful club in Europe with regard to the number of European trophies it has won. “The strength of the brand is what attracts fans, players, investors and sponsors to tie themselves to the Club, leading to greater commercial value through higher incomes and reducing the risks of profitability related to poor performances on the pitch”, highlighted Brand Finance in its study.

The report also explained that “clubs generate a sense of belonging and pride around a brand, forming the position of cities on a world stage owing to its branding, their colours, the badge, the stadium and the fans”. This phrase can be applied in all cases to Sevilla FC, an institution that underlines the incredibly strong feeling of belonging that it has created throughout its entire history, especially in the 21st century, where the Club’s badge, as much as the entire city of Seville, has been represented on the world stage.