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The Head Coach spoke to the media for the first time since his appointment
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After yesterday's interview with Sevilla FC Official Media, today Xavi García Pimienta held his first press conference at the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán.

The Head Coach started by stating that he's "very excited to be here. You can see I've joined such a big club, I'm very happy and yesterday we had the first contact with the club to begin planning pre-season. We talked a little bit about the squad and I am very happy with everything we have started to work on. Today is also very special and we are looking forward to start working on what we really like, to start training and to get to know the players."

"I'm coming here to try to win. Once we know the squad, once it's confirmed, we will try to play the best football possible with those players for the most important thing of all, which is that Sevilla fans identify with their team. We want them to feel proud of what they have seen and identify with the team's DNA. If we are able to convey that, everything will be perfect. What we have to do is make the fans feel proud of their players. You know the style of play I like, but everything will depend on the players we have. I'm joining a very big club and winning is what's important here and we'll see how we do that", he continued.

Next on the agenda was whether Sergio Ramos would continue at the club. "I haven't spoken with Ramos but it's not something I'll find out. He is an emblem of world football. It's fortunate that he's been here this season because he conveys professionalism, experience and experience. It's a matter that Sergio and the club have to agree on. I would be delighted to have him here, but it's a matter between the club and the player."

"Yesterday we had the first contact with the club to begin planning pre-season"

Xavi then spoke about the role of the academy: "Yesterday I was lucky enough to meet Jesús Galván in person, it was an informal lunch but we did talk about my idea and his. We agree on many situations and I want to have a very direct link with the reserve team. Every footballer who has the quality to play for the first team has to be prepared and it has to be with the help of Galván. I have worked for many seasons at the academy level, I believe in quality footballers regardless of their age and those who are ready will come. We have to try to get a lot of academy players in the first team because that gives you a much-needed identity as well."

Addressing the step forward in his career, the Head Coach stated that "we had a very good season at Las Palmas and that makes the players and coaching staff grow in value. When I spoke with the President and with Victor, I was sure that I wanted to come here. I felt that I could be the ideal man for the project and they convinced me easily. They put a lot of things on the table, there's a great challenge here and the fans deserve a team that gives their all, so they can identify with the players. This is a very big club and they make other teams have a very hard time here. That's what we have to create so Sevilla are back where they deserve to be."

After two difficult seasons, it's time to take flight again: "Between all of us, we have to make Sevilla again make their fans excited. It's down to us, the coaching staff and the players. There's a lot of work daily, we have to believe that when a team comes here or we go away, we can create that feeling that we're doing so well or we'll get the better of them."

"I felt that I could be the ideal man for the project and they convinced me easily"

García Pimienta did not wish to comment on the rumours regarding the signings of Ansu Fati and Peque: "Ansu is an excellent player but he's at Barcelona. I was fortunate to get to know him and manage him, but he's at another club and I won't comment on him. Like Ansu, I know Peque very well. He's a good player, a good lad and he's scored a lot of goals for Racing, but talking about players with contracts at other clubs isn't good."

He then discussed whether he could employ the same style of play he used at Las Palmas: "I've seen Sevilla, but from the outside. The thing I have analysed in particular is when the two sides faced each other, but once we're working daily is when I really get to know the squad. From that point there will be changes, as in every pre-season. I'm sure we'll build an excellent squad, the best one possible, to achieve our objectives. Then we'll decide how the team will play."

"I'm sure we'll build an excellent squad, the best one possible, to achieve our objectives"

Signings were then discussed again: "We all have to go hand in hand, but that's what the sporting management team are here for. I know what type of players Victor likes and we have to work together, but they're here to really decide which players have to come. When they sign a type of coach like me, they also know what type of player I like."

He then spoke about his career as a coach: "I've been a coach for many years with an upwards curve. I've never been in an hurry, and doing well at Barcelona gave me the opportunity to join Las Palmas, just as the good work at Las Palmas brought me here. It's time to demonstrate that we are ready."

He also confirmed that he has no fears about key players leaving the club: "I won't talk about specific cases. The club have told me about the project, I've accepted it and I'll truly embrace it. I have no doubt that we'll have an excellent team for the first league match and for the rest of the season."

To finish, Xavi spoke about looking forward to working with Jesús Navas: "I'm proud to have Jesús in the squad. He's a lad who is pure Sevilla, he came through the academy and has had an admirable career. It's very important for the squad to convey everything that he feels for the club. I'm really keen to meet him and speak with him, show him my ideas and see what he thinks. Afterwards, we'll see if he stops playing in December or if we're able to convince him to keep going until the end of the season because he's earned the right to decide."