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"I would die for my club, my coaches and my teammates"
Cuerpo Superior

Our midfielder Joan Jordán was the star of the show this Friday afternoon at the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán, where we organised a ceremony to celebrate his contract renewal until 2027, announced yesterday. In a ceremony hosted by Miguel Ángel Moreno, and with his family in attendance, the Catalan was shown a video of his best moments as a Sevilla player, as well as another in which coaches and sporting directors who have been part of his career left him messages of congratulations and fond memories. Prior to the player's speech, both Monchi and José Castro took the floor to address Joan on his big day.

The first to speak was the sporting director:

"Here it says 'Joan Jordán, one of our own. For me, because of my time in Rome, perhaps I like it better in Italian, 'uno di noi'. We have seen many pictures and many emotional moments, such as the lifting of that sixth UEL. I believe and I hope that, in the coming years, you will lift some more titles and achieve more success, because we will all be happy for you and for us. But it's going to be difficult for you to win a bigger title than being described as one of our own. To be considered as that by our fans... nothing could be better. It may seem strange, but being one of our own is not bought with kissing the crest or with eye-catching comments. It is not bought with popular tweets to win easy applause. It is earned with an attitude, with a way of being and, fundamentally, by representing the values of the greatest club in the world, Sevilla FC. You, in these three years, have earned it because you represent our Never Surrender DNA, the pride, the responsibility and the Sevillian spirit, something that the club is proud of. I say this because, having had the opportunity to use other types of language or forms, you have chosen to be prudent and restrained. Silence is sometimes much more beautiful than words. I thank you for that, because it makes you a better person and a better professional. When you return to your native Catalonia, hopefully later rather than sooner, you will take a lot of things with you. Titles, European classifications, achievements, games... But you will take with you something that is difficult to take away from here, being one of us. I'll end by repeating the chant that, the other day, the crowd at the Sánchez-Pizjuán dedicated to you: "Joan, I love you."

Cuerpo Inferior

Afterwards, there were also heartfelt words from the president, José Castro:

"Today is one of those days when one, as president, feels fortunate. Today we formalise Jordán's contract renewal, which is great and welcome news. It is a very well-deserved renewal. Sevilla are not renewing Jordán's contract, he is renewing it himself for his outstanding performances and his commendable involvement with our club. 129 games, Joan, in just two and a half years, with a UEL title, two Champions League qualifications... But when I speak of Joan, I am left above all with the feeling of commitment and dedication that he transmits at every moment. With his look before every game, the expressiveness of his celebrations and the regret in defeat. He has soaked up our idiosyncrasies and has become an exponent of our values. Never surrendering, doing more with less and fighting beyond our means. If we have to define what a club player is, we talk about Joan Jordán. That's why I'm thrilled to say that he is one of us and will be one of us forever, because he represents us. We Sevillistas should feel lucky to have a player like you in our ranks. Jesús and Inma, congratulations on the great work you have done with your son. All of us Sevillistas are proud of him. You have done a lot here but you have a lot more to do. Keep growing as a person and as a great player for Sevilla FC."

"It's a very special day for me, one of the most special days of my career, without a doubt"

Finally it was Jordán who took to the stage to express his feelings on such a special day: 

"I haven't prepared anything, I like to express myself the way I feel things. It is a very special day for me, one of the most special days of my career, without a doubt. My wife, my parents, my daughters... We are immensely happy, it's what we wanted. In five minutes everything we agreed everything, and my agents know that my dream and wish was to stay here. This year and five more! As Monchi has said, I'm left with the fact that I feel like another Sevilla fan. I feel that the club's values are mine and I can only thank the club for their confidence. That trust is one more responsibility. I promise to give my best, to improve and to take Sevilla as far up the table as possible. I want to thank all the people who have been part of my career and all those who have accompanied me this far. I also want to thank my teammates, without their help this would not be possible. To the coaching staff for the trust they have shown me, although I have had to earn it. I am touched because you all know that I wanted this and but no one knows just how I feel with this renewal. I have been through a lot to get here and I thank you all for being here with me today."

Press conference

Jordán, to conclude, attended to the media. The midfielder began by highlighting that "for me, being one of our players means something unique. It is bigger than any title. Here I feel a deep affection and I'm where I'm wanted. I'm very happy to be here for many more years."

"The affection is incredible. Our fans are unique and special. You could see it in the second half the other day, they tied the game for us. I knew where I was coming to, it's a special club and I knew that, but when you soak it in and you see it up close.... The most important thing are the values and how family-like it is and that should not be lost. Humility and hard work is above all else and that puts the club where it is," he continued.

"I hope one day to be captain, but more important are the values I transmit and what I give to the club"

Asked about being captain in the future, he replied: "Being captain is a very nice, special and unique thing. I want to be someone important at the club and transmit certain values. That's more important than wearing an armband. What I demand from myself is work, helping my teammates and showing my values. I hope I can become captain of Sevilla, but more important are the values I transmit and what I give to the club."

On what lies ahead for Sevilla FC, Jordán stated that "we have a very exciting final stretch with some very nice competitions to play for. We want to continue to grow in LaLiga and we're very excited about the UEL, which is our trophy. The additions are going to help us and will contribute, the club has made a great effort. We have some incredible months ahead of us and we're very excited, but the next match is Osasuna and we cannot allow ourselves to look any further ahead". 

"My first derby was very special for me, I was a substitute, but I enjoyed it enormously"

The midfielder wanted to finally settle everything that happened in the last cup derby: "Until now I've been quiet, I didn't want to talk, it wasn't my place. I'm going to say one thing and put the matter to rest. I want to make it clear that I was the one who was assaulted and from then on the rest is redundant. The important thing is that it is a shame that these things happen in stadiums. We have to transmit values and education to children. On a personal level, both my family and I have had a bad time. My family has received threats and these are things where the line is very fine and should not happen. Everyone has given their opinion, commented, etc. I will settle the issue and let everyone have their own opinion and each person can decide how classy they want to be. The issue is settled." 

Jordán also spoke about what has been the most special game for him so far, other than the UEFA Europa League title: "I have a special game in my heart. I've had many emotional ones, but I have my first derby against Betis engraved in my heart. I was a substitute but I enjoyed it enormously. We won and it was a very nice day and that's when I started to realise how special that game is for the city. That game left a big mark on me, despite the fact that I was upset about not starting". 

On Lopetegui and his dream of playing for the Spanish national team

"Julen is an incredible coach. What he transmits, his values, the way he teaches in sport, the way the team believes in him, his identity.... That's thanks to the coach. We are very happy to have him and I am grateful for the confidence he gives me. I always try to respond in the best way, for better or worse, but I will always give my all. I die for the people who give me confidence. I die for the club, for the coaching staff and for the squad", he replied.

"Hopefully one day I'll get a call-up to the national team, but for that I have to be doing well at my club"

"It's a goal to be in the national team, of course. The coach will have his reasons for not calling me up yet and I'll have to do better, of course. I'm 27 and there are players over 30 who are still getting the best out of themselves. I'll keep working hard and hopefully one day I'll get the call, but if I'm not doing well at my club I won't go", said Jordán.

To conclude, the Catalan highlighted that "I arrived with great enthusiasm and excitement. I had options from another club but when Monchi called I wanted to come here because of everything that Sevilla is. It was very clear to me. I didn't expect it to go so well and I'm very happy with how it has turned out. There is still a long way to go and I can't stop, I have to do even better. I'm very grateful to the club, they've always given me love and support, as have the fans, who are very special. I have felt very loved since I arrived. For me it is very important to feel loved, otherwise I wouldn't be here. I'm at a great club in Europe and they've given me something very big, so I can only be grateful.