Juan Arza's Pichichi trophy in the RSP Stadium Tour


He won it thanks to his 29 goals in the 1954/55 league campaign
Cuerpo Superior

Sevilla FC's RSP Stadium Tour, already filled with historic artefacts and trinkets for Sevillistas and general fans of football alike, has acquired another unique piece: Juan Arza's Pichichi trophy which he won in the 1954/55 season with Sevilla's colours, beating none other than Alfredo Di Stefano.

Cuerpo Inferior

The legendary Sevilla striker's family has donated the trophy so that it is exhibited as it deserves in the RSP Stadium Tour, surrounded by other historic artefacts for the club, such as the five UEFA Europa League trophies, Polster's Golden Boot or Maradona's shirt, some over one hundred years old. 'All of the family agreed on what dad would have wanted, that his trophy was in his stadium,' explained his son.

Arza won the Pichichi scoring 29 goals, added to 6 in the cup, with that figure of 35 being the most goals a Sevilla player has scored in a single season

The striker, the first entry into Sevilla FC's hall of fame, won the trophy in the 1954/55 season, scoring 29 goals in the league. Of the 29 goals, four came against Hércules in a 6-1 win while another three came against Valladolid in a 5-2 win in Pucela. Arza would score another six goals in the cup, bringing his total to 35 for the season, the most goals a Sevilla player has scored in a single season.