Sevilla FC's new Limited Edition Black Shirt


A predominantly black and red top that is for a more stylish and modern look, the new Limited Edition Sevilla FC top is now on sale. It will be sold as a package deal from today with a complimentary cap, both for just 59€
Cuerpo Superior

Sevilla FC have, today, released their new 'Limited Edition' black shirt; with black being the predominant colour along with various touches of red throughout. For this campaign players from Sevilla FC men and women's first teams took part to promote it. The players are: Diego Carlos, Reguilón, Óliver and Koundé; along with Sara Serrat, Noelia Ramos and Tony Paine.

Based on the Get out on the street concept, Sevilla FC want this top to be used for both a sporting and casual use. Its unique design drifts away from the traditional white coloured top, and focuses on the polar opposite: black. With this idea the club is committed to targetting this top at both children as well as adults. This top will be sold as a Limited Edition top for these Christmas Holidays: Shirt + complimentary cap included for just 59 euros. From today, said top will be available to all and you can get it right here.

Cuerpo Inferior

With their motto "Dicen que nunca se rinde", taken from their own world-famous 'Himno del Sevilla', Sevilla FC are the second oldest team in La Liga. They are also a major reference point in European Football, being the undisputed kings of the UEFA Europa League with five wins overall. Sevilla FC are only behind FC Barcelona and Real Madrid in the Spanish teams who have won the most trophies this century; alongside being the third Spanish team with the most European qualifications this century - 15 qualifications in their last 16 seasons. Likewise, they can boast of having competed in 18 finals since 2006.