"Everyone knows that Sevilla FC is a big club and that's why I wanted to come here", the French centre-back said
Cuerpo Superior

Loïc Badé was the guest on Tuesday for A Balón Parado. The French centre-back started by stressing the importance of getting back to winning ways against RCD Espanyol following the loss to Girona FC: "I am doing very well, now we have to win. It was a tough match the other day, but we have to work hard now because we have another tricky match on Thursday and it's very important."

Ahead of the match on Thursday, Badé said that the way the team trains will dictate whether they are able to win: "We have to rest, but work too. That's the way football is, there are a number of games but we are professionals, you have to know what works for you."

On how he has adapted to the team, Loïc Badé showed his happiness: "I have adapted well. There are many people that speak French in the changing room." He also didn't hide the importance of learning Spanish to make his time here easier: "I have been learning it in school. I have classes after training with Tanguy and Pape. We are practicing so that we can speak well."  

"I have adapted well" 

On Mendilibar, our player wanted to stress how well the coach has done up to this point: "We are doing well in different parts of our game, he has improved the group." He reflected happily on his goal against Manchester United: "I have seen many things. That was my best goals. That night was just very emotional. I don't know what to say."

On his exit from Nottingham Forest, he valued his time there as it added to his experience: "Three clubs in a year is tough, that's football. Sometimes it's going well and at other times not as much. In France we say that it might have been bad, but was good in certain respects too. If I had played for Nottingham, I would not be here. As I didn't play there, I am now here."

On his arrival to Sevilla FC, he remembered how important Monchi, the Sporting Director, was when he arrived: "Monchi already knew me, he spoke with my agent and wanted me here. I spoke with him and I felt very good. Everyone knows that Sevilla FC is a big club and that's why I wanted to come here."

"Monchi already knew me, he spoke with my agent and wanted me here"

On the European semi-final in the UEFA Europa League against Juventus FC, Badé was optimistic and confident: "We know that we have several players with experience in the Europa League. We are relaxed but we have to train hard. We know that we can do something special."