The Sevilla players celebrate one of the goals against Sporting de Huelva


A brace from Eli del Estal and a goal for Jessica Martínez gave Cristian Toro's side who achieve another season finishing in the top half
Cuerpo Superior

Sevilla FC Women finished their season at home with a great 3-1 victory against Sporting Club de Huelva. Cristian Toro's side competed right up until the end showing a collective effort, helped by both those who started and those who came on in the second half for a win that sealed eighth place with Betis' defeat in Villarreal. 

In the first half, the Sevilla FC side were very persistent from the start. After having clear chances on Dolan's goal for Toni Payne, Jessica and Araya, just before the quarter of an hour mark Ana Franco looked for Payne with a pass that was cut out by Fisher but the Paraguayan took advantage of it in the blink of an eye to score the first of the game. The joy would be short live however as three minutes later Kanteh equalised after good play on the left-hand side. 

The team pushed on to get the win in the decisive closing stages 

As result of the Huelva equaliser, Toledo's side tried to get into the game more with more possession but the chances continued falling to the home team. In fact, the first half finished with a great chance for Ana Franco against Emily Dolan who almost succeeded in finishing off the chance. After the break, the second half began with the Nigerian Toni Payne giving Dolan a warning but Sullastres came to her team's rescue to carry out a good intervention. Both teams began to make chances with everything still to play for but what happened in the final five minutes was the most dramatic and happy. 

A cross from Almudena Rivero, fresh onto the pitch, to the head of Eli del Estal broke the resistance with the second Sevilla goal, something that would be repeated three minutes later to round off the game in a decisive fashion with a brace and the satisfaction of having done the job. Now it is time to finish the season next weekend with the visit to Athletic Club in the historic setting of Lezama where the Copa de La Reina final will be decided this season. 


3. SEVILLA FC FEMENINO: Sullastres; Débora G., Isabella, Lucía R., R. Otermín; Gaitán L. (Nago C, 58'), Cahynová (Almudena, 82'), Araya; Payne (Inma, 82'), J. Martínez (Vasconcelos, 68') and Ana Franco (E. Del Estal, 68').

1. SC HUELVA: Dolan; Santana, Ana Carol, Patri Ojeda, Fisher; Kanté, Abilda, Castelló, Edgren (Luzuriaga, 74'); Keane and Mayra Ramírez.

REFEREE: Paola Cebollada López. Yellow cards for Débora García, Jessica Martínez and Keane and Abilda. 

GOALS: 1-0: J. Martínez (14'); 1-1: Kanteh (17'); 2-1: E. Del Estal (85'); E. Del Estal (87').