Monchi speaking at En-Nesyri's presentation


"You can make the assessments on the signings at the end of the season"
Cuerpo Superior

Sevilla FC's Sporting Director, Ramón Rodríguez Verdejo, Monchi, spoke to the media this afternoon at the official unveiling of the club's newest signing: Youssef En-Nesyri, who officially signed last Thursday. Monchi started off by saying that: "The football transfer market has grown massively and has evolved, not only when you're selling but also when you're buying. We have made an investment which we deemed to be necessary, by evaluating what the player can offer us and not just how much he cost. We've invested in a striker who fits in with the manager's style of play. Whether he's cheap or expensive, only time will tell".

Cuerpo Inferior

"We speaking about a very special market, which is what the January one is, whenever there is less time for the players who are coming in to adapt. The objective was that, counting on the few departures, that someone would come in who was ready to play immediately. He's a player that fits the criteria of what the manager wanted. I believe he has potential, and that he hasn't reached his limits just yet. On Saturday he showed only a small part of what he's capable of in the few minutes he played at the Bernabéu. He was our main target since we sat down with Lopetegui".

Monchi wanted to clear up what happened following Saturday's match: "There is nothing more to be said on Saturday's match. Tomorrow we have a very important match, one in which we must win. It's an incredibly exciting competition. I don't want to add anything more to what I said at the weekend, but I have a right to reply. The only thing I wish to say is that in light of all the criticism that there has been, what is said about me from the outside doesn't bother me at all. The only thing that matters to me is what Sevilla think of me. I practice two religions: Catholicism and Sevillianism. The only thing that influences me is the white and red of Sevilla".

"We won't be turning our back on the market"

Returning to talking about the transfer market, Monchi said that: "The profile of the player we were looking for is right here. As for Chicharito, we've been in negotiations for some time now with a club from the MLS, and we're now on the home straight with that one. With the incorporation of En-Nesyri, this position is now covered; however, we won't be turning our back on the market. We will continue to go quietly about our work, but we're not ruling out the option of bringing anyone in for whatever position of the pitch it may be".

"You can make the assessments on the signings at the end of the season. Rony Lopes isn't going anywhere and we hope he continues to keep progressing as he has been recently. Sometimes things just don't work out, through no fault of anyone in particular, because what is certain is that both Dabbur and Chicharito are excellent footballers. The best thing to do is to not worry about what is not going well, but we will evaluate everything whenever the season finishes".

"We're not expecting any more departures in this window"

Finally, Monchi spoke about the fact that they don't hope for any more departures in the squad, when he was asked about Sergi Gómez and Escudero: "Right now we're not negotiating with any team over the exit of one of our players. Both Sergi Gómez and Escudero are being used by the manager and they're doing their job as we expect them to. We're not expecting any more departures in this window".