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Sevilla FC condemns and denounces the despicable attack on the figure of Joan Jordán by vandals
Cuerpo Superior

Sevilla FC wishes to condemn and show its deepest disapproval of the repugnant personal and insulting attack perpetrated in the early hours of Friday morning against our player and fourth captain, Joan Jordán. In particular, some individuals have hung a doll of our player and fourth captain, Joan Jordán, from a bridge on the SE-30 motorway, accompanied by a sign that reads "Sevilla hates Nervion". 

Sevilla FC has already reported the incident to the relevant authorities, which it considers to be completely despicable and unacceptable and which, of course, has no place in the world of sport. The club trusts that the culprits who took part in this condemnable and uncivil act will be held accountable. 

Likewise, Sevilla FC wants to send a message of Sevilla spirit and responsibility to all its fans, so that Sunday's Gran Derbi will be an occasion in which sporting spectacle is paramount. In this sense, we ask our fans to enjoy the match with maximum passion, but at the same time with maximum respect for the Real Betis Balompié supporters.

Finally, Sevilla FC publicly expresses its full support for Joan Jordán Moreno, a player who since arriving at Nervión in the summer of 2019 has played 183 games, has won a UEFA Europa League and has been a key player in the last three consecutive Champions League qualifications. In addition to his footballing qualities, the Catalan player has stood out for his enormous commitment defending our shirt.


Today and always... JOAN JORDAN, ONE OF OUR OWN!