Official Sevilla FC statement
The Club


After the statements made by the French minister regarding the banning of Sevilla fans from attending Tuesday's match
Cuerpo Superior

In light of the statement by the French Minister of the Interior, Gerald Darmanin, who, in an interview, announced a ban on Sevilla fans from attending the match in Lens to support our team in the final matchday of the Champions League group stage, we wish to clarify that, to date, we have not received any official communication from either the French authorities or UEFA supporting such a decision. However, the club understands that the French government is determined to implement the measure based on the statements of its spokesperson. Therefore, we wish to express that: 

-We are actively engaging with the Spanish government in an effort to prevent the implementation of this ban, especially since many fans have already booked flights and travel arrangements to travel to France for the match against Lens.

-We believe that our fans are being unfairly treated and a dangerous precedent is being set regarding supporter travel. Additionally, the club will provide all possible assistance through its official liaison officer.

-We will formally complain to UEFA regarding what has happened, which was done without prior notice and with virtually no time for a response. 

-Lastly, we will communicate through our official channels any official decision conveyed to the club, whether by the French or Spanish authorities.