Sevilla FC will offer the beneficial option "Now and ever, Stay With Me" with two possibilities or the refund of the amount that corresponds to you directly into your account
Cuerpo Superior

Football without its fans is certainly not the same, but unfortunately it is what we are experiencing at the moment, due to the serious pandemic from which the whole world is slowly recovering. Meanwhile, and that never changes, now and always, our hearts beat for the badge, Sevilla. At Sevilla FC we want to think about that hopeful future in which sooner or later we will be able to return to our stands, to return to our home, the Ramon Sanchez-Pizjuan.

With this idea in mind, Sevilla FC has devised a plan to return the unused part of the season ticket for this season, which includes advantages with the proposal "Now and ever, Stay with Me", ideal for those of us who think that this break is just a small one, and want to continue playing a leading role in our Temple of Nervión as soon as the authorities allow it, obtaining a 50% discount on tickets while there are capacity restrictions in the 20/21 season.

  • One of the options of this proposal "Now and ever, Stay with Me" is to use the refund money for the renewal of the 2021/22 season ticket, instead of asking for a refund, keeping your member number and seat and also receiving 30 euros to spend in store or tickets. You can also use your refund on the 20/21 half season ticket.
  • Using the money that would correspond to the refund in the store, also with an additional 30 euros, is the other possibility of the proposal "Now and ever, Stay with Me".

However, you have the option of a direct refund if, for whatever reason, you prefer or need the money to be in your current account. We know that your option is legitimate and that, as soon as you can, you will be an active part of the Nervión family again. Furthermore, rest assured that you will have plenty of options to return throughout the 2020/21 season, when you will be able to watch football in the stands of the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán by means of tickets while there are capacity restrictions and with a half season ticket when full capacity is allowed.

While waiting to establish the final refund amounts to season ticket holders, in percentages the club will refund around 30% of the price of the league-only season ticket and, in the case of the full season ticket, 16% of the price of the supplement. It will be in July when you will have to decide between these three options, which you will be able to choose through the official website of the club or its APP, registering if you have not already done so. Before that, we will give you all the details of these three options so that you can decide with all the details on the table.