First team


Despite the loss, the Argentine won't forget what he has experienced this week, which is the same for Manu Bueno and Dmitrovic
Cuerpo Superior

Erik Lamela, goalscorer at the Reale Arena, was the first to speak to the media following the loss against Real Sociedad: "We couldn't do it, we played against a good opponent and we have come off the back of a lot of celebrating. There was little time to rest, we competed until the very end and I think they dominated us in the first half. The second half was very different and we had chances. We got better when we made changes, we played more vertically and we could attack better. Things were happening when we had the ball and in the first half we didn't have control. I am personally happy becase we have ended a tough year in an incredible way and this will give us strength to fight for important things in the future. Scoring always matters, it didn't lead to a victory which is what you want, but we head into the holidays very happy and in a party atmosphere. With the year we have had, we will have a big year next year for sure."

Manu Bueno, in his second competitive match with the first team, added: "we came to compete as we do for every game, that is our mentality, but they are a great team and that's why they finished so high in the table. Personally, I am living the dream. When I came to Sevilla ten years ago I never thought this opportunity would arise. What the coach has done is great, before he came who could have expected us to win the Europa League and have another season in the Champions League."

To finish, Dmitrovic gave his point of view: "It was very complicated because of Wednesday and how much emotion there was. Not a lot of sleep, celebrating a lot, crying with happiness... We came to win because all matches are important. It was difficult and we tried our best, but Real Sociedad are a good team and it's no surprise that they have qualified for the Champions League. The fans have to remember we have won our seventh Europa title and are in the Champions League too. The league objective was to finish in the top four but we had to change that because of the bad dynamics. We had to see off the threat of relegation and the positive thing is that in March everything changed and we accomplished that. We took each match as it came in the Europa League without betting too much on it, but we showed that we are capable of anything. We have to remember how well we finished, but we have to correct the mistakes made in the first half of the season."