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The recreation of what the new site will look like was presented to shareholders at the AGM
Cuerpo Superior

At the Annual Shareholders' Meeting on Monday, Sevilla FC announced its preliminary project for a New Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán Stadium. The Club wishes to meet a historic and necessary demand from its fans and to adapt its facilities to modern times. The New Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán has the obligation and the need to be a venue fit for 21st century football, located in the same place as the current stadium after demolishing the previous one, without forgetting the history of the place, the Nervión neighbourhood, and respecting the moments of glory that the current stadium has given to our fans. However, at the same time, it combines a new look, new resources and new comforts for the Sevillistas and for the club, as it wishes to turn the new stadium into one of the cornerstones of its strategic plan.

The New Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán will not only be a landmark sports venue, but also a landmark building in the city of Sevilla, which will be linked to the city's incomparable urban history, culture and heritage. The design of the preliminary project, developed with IDOM, seeks to identify the key values in the great stages of the history of the city of Sevilla through references to great examples of its architecture and cultural heritage such as the Real Alcázar, the Archivo de Indias or the Cathedral of Sevilla, to project them onto a new stadium that is contemporary, sustainable, technological and rooted in the city's tradition.

In addition, the proposed design of the new stadium takes into account the following key aspects:

  • Renewing the tradition of THE NERVIÓN BOMBONERA and further enhancing the incredible football atmosphere for a full spectator experience.
  • To make the New Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán a state-of-the-art infrastructure for the highest levels of football, through the use of the MOST ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES applied to security, television broadcasting, fan experience and sustainability.
  • Working in the public interest by means of a careful relationship between the new stadium and its URBAN CONTEXT, respecting the scale of the Nervión neighbourhood on the one hand and generating urban public space that can be enjoyed by residents 365 days a year, with new associated uses, on the other.

The integration of these elements is carried out with an ambitious, contemporary and identifiable architectural proposal, which will make the New Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán a new metropolitan landmark for Sevilla.

The capacity will be increased to 55,000 spectators, with stands that will be very reminiscent of our current stadium, close to the pitch, overlooking the turf, but which will increase comfort, generate a new and numerous Hospitality offer and create a new, single-tier home end, the first of its kind in Spanish football. All of this, together with a new roof over all the stands, will create an even greater footballing atmosphere for the Sevillista fans than that of our current stadium. Not only that, but it will also allow for a substantial increase in Sevilla FC's activities in national competitions as well as in international competitions and other events. The new stadium will have two floors of parking and will substantially reduce the number of stairways in the stadium. It will also include lounges and spaces for the organisation of events, as well as a new official shop and the new club Museum.

Another important point in the proposal and an essential element in the design of the best modern urban stadiums is their relationship with their surroundings. The programme proposed for this new stadium allows activity to take place 365 days a year, so that, as well as allowing clubs to expand their relationship with visitors and generate new revenue streams, they can participate in a prominent way in the creation and improvement of the urban spaces in their vicinity. This is what happens in the design of our new stadium: an open stadium related to its immediate surroundings, especially with the creation of a south façade that overlooks a plaza, which proposes terraces and other uses accessible to the citizens and which, through a generous shaded space, activates the urban environment, transforming it into the new Plaza de Nervión and of Sevilla. A versatile, flexible plaza, a shaded, ventilated and cool space, a main entrance to the stadium, the new face of Sevilla FC.

For all these reasons, the New Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán, which must be approved at the AGM, will be an innovative stadium, an international benchmark and an example of the new generation of stadiums, heir to the traditional values of Sevilla FC, with new revenue streams, with year-round activity and a driving force for activity in the Nervión neighbourhood.