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Our president spoke at his first official press conference, where he outlined his vision as he begins his presidency
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José María Del Nido Carrasco spoke at his first official press conference as our new president earlier today. Before answering questions from journalists he began by addressing our fans directly: 

"Hello, everyone. Today is one of the happiest days of my life. Today, I have the honour, privilege, and responsibility to speak at this press conference as the new president of Sevilla FC. Surely, all Sevilla fans have dreamed at some point of being the president of their club, their team, and that is the greatest honour of my life. I am aware of the situation we are in. I am aware of the numerous and complex challenges ahead, but I arrive full of enthusiasm and convinced that we will not only return to where we deserve to be but also take it to a new level institutionally, socially and economically." 

"And I am clear about the path ahead. First, I believe that the aim is to get the team to where they deserve. We need to give maximum support to our new coach and the squad so that the team reaches its potential as soon as possible, by earning points and winning matches and getting our fans at the Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán excited again. We have a January transfer window in which we want to be active and complement the work that we did in the summer with the squad. We are clear about our sporting model, focusing on young players and placing a greater emphasis on our academy. From this, we hope to get results and return to the financial model that has served us well." 

"We have a January transfer window in which we want to be active"

"Just as we are clear about the need to change in sporting terms, we also have institutional challenges, challenges that the club must adapt to as we continue modernising. We have to aim to bring the cost of the squad down to within 70% of our annual budget, continue working to grow the club in all areas, and keep expanding internationally. Within this economic plan, the key project is the construction of the new Ramón Sánchez-Pizjuán, with increased capacity and the possibility of generating revenue 365 days a year, all while not increasing prices for our season ticket holders." 

"Furthermore, we aim to bring the club closer to our fans. I call for unity among all shareholders, members, and fans. I accept the criticism; we will aim to be even more transparent and engage in more dialogue with everyone around the club. I have no reservations about sitting down with whoever is necessary, and I will have as many conversations as needed with fan groups or shareholders. I am aware of the situation we are in, both in sporting and institutional terms. To those who may view me unfavorably now, I want to understand them, convince them, and work to make them believe in me. To those who see me in a positive light, I assure them that it gives me even more strength and confidence for this new period. I want to embrace all the positive aspects of the previous presidents. I am not here to copy anyone; I want to take the best from everyone, learn from their mistakes, and put my own mark down as president. I want to thank the shareholders, season ticket holders, members, fans, and all the Sevilla staff for the support they provide to the team, always standing by its side. And personally, to those who have placed their trust in me to be the president."

He then responded to questions from the media. On his introduction to the role he commented, 'The few days have been hectic, intense, as I hope the rest of my time will be. I have felt many things, a lot of excitement and a lot of responsibility. Every fan has dreamed of being the president of the club at some point, and the first few days have been really good. I am aware that, as in any situation, there will be people who are pleased with the decision and others who are not. For those who didn't want me, I will give my all to turn their perceptions around. I have been with the club for 16 years and have learned a lot from all the presidents. I want to put my own stamp on the club at this crucial moment. We need to continue modernising the club and work to ensure that all areas keep growing, and return to our sporting model with young, hungry players who can perform. We also need to develop the academy and complete two major infrastructure projects at the training ground and the new Sánchez-Pizjuán... In the end, it's about trying to bring about the vision I have for the club, having learned so much throughout these years. 

"The first few days have been frenetic and intense" 

Our new president emphasised the importance of unity: "As I mentioned, one of the goals I set is unity, and I would like everyone to support the current management of the club. To say the feeling after the board meeting was pleasant would be a lie, but as president, I am committed to working for Sevilla, so that Sevillistas feel proud." Additionally, he spoke about the transition: "I am not aware that the appointment has been challenged. I don't think there has been time. The board appointed me by an overwhelming majority. On the other hand, Pepe has been our vice president twice, leading the club successfully for 10 years, and I thank him for that. As a Sevillista too, I have supported him as vice president, and now I am going to be the president. The board met on December 31, and by an overwhelming majority, appointed José María del Nido Carrasco as president. We have an agreement that ensures stability for at least the next four years, and that's why I am sitting here." 

Regarding potential signings, he didn't hold back: "Agoumé is one of the options we are working on. There are negotiations, but it's not finalised. The major issue is that we have 24 sports filled in our squad with only one available. We therefore have the challenge of balancing the spots if we are to continue bringing in players. We are convinced that we will have an ambitious transfer window to improve the squad, just like we trust our coach. Regarding Isaac Romero, we are working on creating a squad with 20 to 21 professionals and academy players. He currently occupies a spot in the reserves but one of the aims is for Isaac to be part of the first team." 

He was also asked if he would sit down with José María del Nido Benavente: "I have said it on several occasions. I have always extended my hand to him, and I am willing to sit down with everyone, with whoever is necessary for the good of Sevilla because when the club has been united, we have achieved many things. I have come to this stadium with my father, with my mother, with my brothers, and today I am here as the president of Sevilla. The ones who need to be here are here today, and I feel more than supported by those who need to be here." 

"Agoumé is one of the options we are working on" 

"In life, you either win or learn, as I have mentioned. I have learned from both mistakes and successes. The trophy cabinet speaks for itself. I want to lead the club in my own way, but the crucial thing is that the team performs well, and the fans feel proud. I focus on the short term, and the aim must be to get more points and win games following the first half of the season. Talking about May is not helpful. The aim is to win on Thursday and then focus on the Copa del Rey. When we start winning, we can talk about our aims, but right now, it's about taking it one game at a time." Additionally, he spoke about the future of the club captains: "Sergio, Jesús, and Iván, I don't need to say what they are and have been for Sevilla. They are aware of how pleased we are with them, but these are decisions we will take in May."

He also denied that Mariano Díaz has been terminated: "It is completely untrue." On a shirt sponsor, he said "I would like to secure a main sponsor sooner rather than later, which is indeed something that can be seen but at the same time it also makes us less than 1% of our total revenue." He was also asked about the reaction to the new stadium: "I have received all kinds of opinions, both positive and negative. It is challenging for everyone to like the proposal. Personally, I like it, but from here to it being the final project... Any changes that need to be made will be considered. The most controversial aspect is the roof but I believe the stadium is improved with the roof." 

On his relationship with our coach, he admitted, "Say what you will, but I am persistent. I talk to Quique every day. We all trust in him, which is why we have given him a contract for a year and a half. We are convinced that with him, we will have sporting stability for many years." Returning to the economic situation he added, "In terms of revenue, we have broken all records. Everyone is working hard. The problem is that over the last year and a half, it has been tough aside from our Europa League win. Football is a state of mind; the squad and the coach need to gain confidence to keep winning. I will try to keep and improve all the things that are done well, and where we have failed, try to correct them. I am here to put my mark, not to imitate any president. Decisions need to be made calmly, with patience and firmness, and from there, the important thing is for the team to start winning matches."