Jorge Sampaoli in the press room
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The boss isn't ruling out Fernando or Nianzou and hopes that the team doesn't "switch off and stays focused" against a team who have had plenty of time to prepare
Cuerpo Superior

Jorge Sampaoli this morning addressed the media ahead of Sunday's derby game: "I think that playing in the red and white of Sevilla has huge importance. We have to be positive ahead of this game if we want to win it. From my point of view, I think that motivation is infectious and that the players themselves will feel up for what awaits them tomorrow. I am sure they all will be taking it seriously. These types of games are different from any other because of what you experience and the background. We are motivated not just by moving up the table, but we feel motivated by the good atmosphere in the air". 

This time round the squad list won't be released until tomorrow: "We have trained this morning to settle on who is included. Tomorrow we will know. It's a game that requires the boys to be 100% mentally and physically fit". Sampaoli also urged that "we need a win to start moving forward with a bit more peace of mind. When times are tough and it seems like there is no way out, you stop believing. There is a lot of importance riding on these games. It would be great to start to grow as a team and encourage more positivity".  

"It will be a highly intense match and we have to compete together" 

On the footballing side of things, Sampaoli expects "a highly intense match. Our opponents have had plenty of time to prepare and that means we have to be cautious. There have been moments where the team have played well and others where the team has switched off and become disorganised. You can't do that against teams like Betis. We have to do what we did against City and Dortmund, competing together as one. A lot of preparation goes into these games. If you're confident, you can relax. However, if you're not confident, you will feel the heat...It's difficult to sum it all up. Regarding the last derby, I can't judge because I wasn't here. It will be a matter of getting past that uncomfortable period and watching the match with ease in a city that is mesmerised by this game." 

"I always say that you have to win no matter what. There is a way to win, we have worked for three days to find that way to win and how we can solve our problems. Each game has its own tactics and it is important to identify a plan. We've got the tools to win, it's just whether we use them or not. All I do is choose and develop the tactics, and hope that they are reciprocated by the team". Lastly, Sampaoli addressed the fans: "My message (to the fans) is that the team are going to try and overcome their problems by competing for 90 minutes. We are going to make this match an extremely intense contest. We are going to try and attack as much as possible and get the result that gives us the three points. It's what we are going to prepare for and hopefully, we can give the fans what they want. We want to the team to give it a good go for 90 minutes".