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The coach commented on the importance of the Copa del Rey, competition rules and the upcoming transfer window
Cuerpo Superior

Jorge Sampaoli believes that his team are well-prepared for tomorrow's return to competitive action.

Speaking at this afternoon's press conference on the eve of the Copa del Rey Second Round clash against Juventud de Torremolinos CF, the Argentine coach highlighted his players' hard work during the break for the FIFA World Cup. 

"The players have worked very well during the break. Maybe we haven't had the ideal number of players because of the World Cup, but we've felt really good in the friendlies and I think we're coming into this match very well. Hopefully we can take a step forward in all aspects now that we've tried to become stronger."

"We're expecting a tough match, they'll be really up for it and it's at their stadium, which they know really well. They're going to try to make the most of everything they have against a top-flight team. We have to try to make our top-flight quality shine through, these matches are more even because they'll be really up for it."

"We think that we don't have a lot of important players to finish the year with more options, but it's what we've had to do and the group is doing very well at the moment."

"We're expecting a tough match, they'll be really up for it"

Sampaoli was then asked about the current Isco situation:

"To be honest, with regards to Isco, it's not a situation that I'm really involved in. My role as a coach is seeing who I have available and implement a system. Isco has real ability and has shown that throughout his career, but the decision about who comes in and who leaves isn't down to me, it's the club. I'll stick to those who are available and try to have them go into matches in the best possible way."

Cuerpo Inferior

The coach then commented on the competition's rule of always having seven registered first-team players on the pitch.

"The Sevilla Atlético lads have to be with us now because of the number of available players. We have around ten or eleven first-teamers, who all have to be part of tomorrow's squad."

"We're not comfortable with the Copa del Rey rule of always having seven first-team players on the pitch because we're short-handed. Suso, Lamela and the World Cup players are missing. For such a difficult match, we have to stick to the rules and then focus on the football."

"The Sevilla Atlético lads have to be with us now because of the number of available players"

Next up on the agenda was the upcoming transfer window.

"Both before and after I joined, I told our renowned Sporting Director what positions I needed, and which profiles. Monchi and the club decide on the names. We're relying on their ability to bring in what we need to work well, as well as the timing, which will be ideal to be able to get them ready."

"I give my guidelines, and then the decision-makers decide. The club are keeping me informed as to what is going to happen and I hope it's as soon as possible. We need a left back, a left centre back, a midfielder and a forward who can give us strength. I'm not getting distracted by things I can't resolve myself."

To finish, Sampaoli spoke about what the Copa del Rey means to the club. 

"It's very important, it gives you the chance to play in European competitions, but beyond that we have to approach each match as if it were our last. We have to compete in this tournament not by giving it priority, but definitely importance."