Sampaoli, at the Real Madrid-Sevilla FC pre-match press conference
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"The idea is to find an advantage somewhere, that is the dream", he emphasised.
Cuerpo Superior

Sevilla FC coach Jorge Sampaoli spoke on Friday at a press conference ahead of the match against Real Madrid on Saturday. The Argentinian coach began by stressing that "we have real defensive issues that keep appearing as the games go by."

"We think that for this game we have to structure ourselves better than we have done recently in order to keep them at bay. In the short time we have, we have to achieve better structure so that we can close those channels that they exploit very well."

"We didn't want to risk Marcão against Valencia and we think he will have the chance to feature again tomorrow. He will travel. There are others who have been affected by injuries and some, like Fernando, that we still can't count on. Acuña has a recurring injury that means he isn't quite at full fitness, etc..."

On his side's approach against Real Madrid: "There are two ways of looking at it. Sometimes they are unpredictable because they don't have fixed positions and from midfield upwards they have the ability to maintain possession and to structure themselves well defensively. They also have a lot of confidence and conviction, which makes it very difficult to play them."

"We have to dominate the ball. During the end to end parts of the match we will have very few chances. We have to play from the back and go at them, evenly matched. That's where we'll have our chances."

Cuerpo Inferior

"The other day we were frustrated in the first half but then we found the space to have the opportunity to win"

"The most dangerous thing in this job is to assess the performance during the match, you have to do it beforehand to be able to implement changes, but that's what we did last time out. During the first half the other day we couldn't play and we got frustrated. It was a totally neutral half, because they didn't have many chances either, it was boring."

"Then we found space to play in a different system and we found goal-scoring opportunities where we could have had the chance to win. All of this generates stressful situations, injuries.... On top of that we play every two days and we sometimes dont have time to implement changes," he continued, analysing his side."

Sampaoli also acknowledged the fans: "The fans have to thrive off what the team gives them on the pitch. They were bouncing in the second half. We can't ask for more, we have to give them more. We have to be a fearless team and give them a better attitude. That first half is was unacceptable. We have to guarantee them a better experience".

"We can't to the Bernabéu with fear... imagine how badly that would work out for us"

"I'm really looking forward to the game. I'm looking forward to seeing a courageous and enjoyable performance. Regardless of the result. Imagine if we go in with fear how things would work out. We want to play an audacious game, That's what we'll set out to accomplish. Then we'll see how we get on. The idea is to find an advantage somewhere, that's the dream", he concluded about tomorrow's away trip.