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The club consolidates our position as the fourth most followed club in Spain and are now among the 25 most followed clubs in Europe.
Cuerpo Superior

We continue to break records on social media. The club's official accounts have just reached the figure of 20 million followers across all platforms.

The numbers consolidate Sevilla as the fourth most popular club in Spain after Real Madrid, FC Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid. Furthermore we are now the 24th most followed club in Europe, having doubled our total number of followers in the last year.

Our growth on digital platforms is the result of a firm commitment to use them as a means of communication with our most loyal fans, but also to expand our fan base to all corners of the world, with a clear and defined strategy for each of them.

In recent months, the accounts that have grown the most are TikTok and Instagram, while new platforms such as Threads, WhatsApp or Twitch have also been embraced. However, at no time do we forget our closest followers with our commitment to programmes such as La Bombonera and El Partido, and new formats such as El Cubo, Triple V or El Santuario.

Meanwhile, one of the key factors in the club's growth on social media has been the commitment to the internationalisation of the club's brand with this type of digital platform as one of its fundamental vehicles. The number of followers outside Spain has grown by 80 per cent. 

One of the keys to expansion beyond our borders has been the generation of local content that creates a greater affinity with fans in other parts of the world. We produces content in six different languages: Spanish, English, Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese and Japanese. In addition, content has been created with local agencies and influencers, as well as a wide range of content with live specials featuring players.

The visit to the United States and Mexico during pre-season in 2023 had a major impact locally and served to increase our north American fanbase thanks to various activations with our players and local fans.

Within the overall growth, some of the most notable markets are the Arabian market with an annual increase of 383 per cent. Also, the market that has grown the most is India, with an increase of 1126 per cent in a country where football is flourishing and where the club has a strategic agreement with local club FC Bengaluru United. The club also produced the 'Never Surrender' video series.

Likewise, in China in 2023, we were the fastest-growing European club with an increase of 83 per cent and with a well-defined strategy to reach local fans on the country's specific social networks: Weibo, Douyin and Wechat.

Finally, in January 2024, the club launched its new Portuguese language accounts with the aim of strengthening the already existing link with Portuguese-speaking countries and, in particular, with Brazil, where the club already has a large community of supporters and high-profile ambassadors with various players from the country who became club legends.