Tecatito Corona, Sevilla FC


The Mexican weighed up his and the team's current form and explained how important the support will be on Wednesday
Cuerpo Superior

Due to the mid-week fixture on Wednesday, A Balón Parado took place this Monday with none other than Tecatito Corona in the hot seat. The Mexican started off by discussing the atmosphere in the changing room: "I like to feel the responsibility and being supported motivates me. We have a very good group that is reacting in the best way possible. You can see that we are a bit anxious to reach our goal and we are only two points away." 

As for his performance in the team, he was self-critical and wanted more: "I think two goals aren't a lot, I've wanted more. I am more and more demanding of myself and I feel I must score more; I'm hoping I'll have a lot more time to do just that. I continue to dream of winning trophies and much more now that I am here at Sevilla FC." Furthermore, Tecatito highlighted that the manager has had a confidence in him ever since they first met in Portugal: "When I heard what Lopetegui said I felt so happy and worked even harder to be able to get here and work with him. Sevilla pushed just that little bit more and I wanted to come. I made an effort as I was available and we negotiated for about three to four days. Out of the blue it became so close, I would have come in June but it was amazing to be able to do it just that bit earlier. After these first four months I have spent here, I feel lively and energised."

Tecatito also touched on the support from the stands, to whom he wishes to keep on rewarding with top performances: "When I heard the anthem for the first time, I could feel the vibe they give out. You know that they are there and that they're so passionate. They wear their hearts on their sleeves just like in the derby, which I enjoyed so much; crazy stuff. One thing that I will take with me from my days at FC Porto is that they teach what it means to win and I hope to keep on doing that here. When you don't win at first, you suffer and then later you start to take it in. I live from day to day but I hope that people will say that we got it right with the arrival, I have to repay that trust."

In closing, Tecatito referred back to Wednesday's fixture in the Sánchez-Pizjuán: "I'm going into the game against Mallorca with a positive mindset, aiming to reach the target. It would be good for our morale to get those three points, the fans also need the win."