The new Sevilla Atlético coach said that supporters will see "an ambitious team full of conviction"
Cuerpo Superior

On Tuesday, Jesús Galván appeared on Sevilla FC Radio programme 'Solo el Sevilla.' The Sevilla Atlético coach spoke in depth about his new side after replacing Antonio Hidalgo, starting with his first impressions of the team: "There was a lot of on and off-pitch information to take in during the first two days. When it comes to a professional team everything is on another level, but you quickly settle into the job as you start to put your own stamp on things, preparing training sessions, team meetings and speaking with the technical staff about what the previous coach had done, because the team isn't in second position by chance. There's no need to change what we're already doing well, we will just aim to build on the strong foundations through communicating well with the team. 

On a personal note, the new coach revealed his excitement at this new chapter and feels ready for the challenge: "I'm extremely excited because for 10 years I've dedicated myself to developing as a head coach, since the moment I left the club to take charge at CD Alcalá, which was a great experience. Now it's time to step up to this hugely promising side which is an extremely proud moment given I am an academy product myself and was previously the team's assistant coach. It's a challenge that appeals greatly." Despite his history with Sevilla Atlético, Galván also recognised that he has evolved since his time as assistant during the Ramón Tejada era: "I've changed as an individual, I see football differently. I've gained a lot of experience, which is how any manager builds their own philosophy and develops a managerial style... I want my teams to be adaptable to any situation as this is what allows players to improve. I've matured in this respect."

"I want my teams to be adaptable to any situation as this is what allows players to improve"

When asked about what he will bring in the day-to-day, the coach underlined his commitment to forming a close relationship with his squad: "I'm caring but also demanding. My players know that I'm capable of having a joke with them but equally have standards that must be upheld. This combination has worked well for me and players understand that professionalism, concentration and attention to detail on the pitch are all non-negotiables. This opportunity came out of nowhere and it all happened very quickly, I didn't even know I was on a shortlist for the job. You're always ready to take your chance and I'm relaxed because, when you love your work, every day is a pleasure. I'm at the club of my heart and one that has given me everything."

To round off, after addressing the importance of the hunger of his players and their communication with the first team, in particular with individuals like Juanlu, Galván was also keen to send a message to the fanbase, especially with his home bow against CD Manchego at the Estadio Jesús Navas coming up at 11:30 CEST on Sunday: "Look forward to watching a hard-workng team who want to entertain and play attractive football. You'll see our ambition and conviction in everything we do, competing every duel and aiming to get games won early. The support of the fans is crucial, the situation has changed and this is a new set-up. The supporters know that we'll play good football, we now need to kick on and capitalise on a great start to the season."