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Fans will not be allowed to travel to Lens
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The Pas-de-Calais authorities, to which the city of Lens pertains, have published details regarding the banning of our fans from the city:

I. From 10:00 CET on the 12th of December to 03:00 CET on the 13th, anyone who considers themselves a fan of our club, or acts as such, will be denied entry to the Bollaert-Delelis de Lens stadium and also to the following parts of the city: Areas surrounding the stadium: avenue Delelis, rue de Béthune between rue Edouard Bollaert and rue André Boulloche, rue André Boulloche, rue des Glycines, place des Glaïeuls, rue des Iris, rue des Cities, rue Mansart, allée Marc-Vivien Foé, rue Parmentier, rue Paul Bert between rue Parmentier and avenue Alfred Maes, avenue Alfred Maes between rue Paul Bert and rue Edouard Bollaert, rue Bollaert, rue Maurice Fréchet, rue Maurice Carton, rue Du Guesclin, rue du Wetz, carrefour Bollaert public garden, J Perrin faculty gardens, any public space and car parks within the perimeter. City-centre: the train and bus stations, rue Jean Letienne, rue Faidherbe, rue Roumald Pruvost, rue de la Fonder, rue G. Spriet, rue Gambetta, rue de la Paix, rue de la Gare between rue Jean Letienne and rue de Paris, rue de Paris, rue du 11 Novembre, boulevard Emile Basly, rue du maréchal Leclerc, place Jean Jaurès, rue René Lanoy, avenue du 4 Septembre, all streets within the perimeter of rue du 11 Novembre, boulevard Emile Basly, rue du Maréchal Leclerc, place Jean Jaurès, rue René Lanoy and avenue du 4 Septembre, avenue Raoul Briquet between rue René Lanoy and rue Etienne Dolet, avenue Elie Reumaux, route de La Bassée between Edouard Bollaert and rue du 1 Mai. In the commune of Liévin: Jaurès de Liévin car park, rue Du Guesclin, rue du Docteur Piette, rue de Montgolfier. In the commune of Arras: place du maréchal Foch, place des Héros, Grand Place, rue de la Taillerie, place de la Vacquerie, rue de la Brasserie, place d'Ipswich, rue des Balances, rue Wacquez Glasson.

II. In the surrounding areas of the stadium and zone set out in the decree it is also the possession of all types of flares and smoke bombs, flags and banners which could cause provocation or violence as well as any object that could be used as a projectile and the possession of alcohol. 

III. The current decree is published in the collection of administrative acts of the Prefecture of Pas-de-Calais. The public prosecutors of the Court of Béthune and Arras has also been notified as well as the presidents of Racing Club de Lens and Sevilla FC. 

IV. In accordance with artice L 332-16-2, failure to comply with this order could lead to a punishment of six months in prison and a fine of €30,000. In case of conviction, the additional penalty of a one year stadium ban will be imposed in accordance with article L 332-11. 

V. The sub-prefect of Lens, the secretary general of the prefecture, the chief of staff, the departmental director of public security of Pas de Calais, the general in command of the departmental gendarmerie group and the mayors of Arras, Lens and Liévin are each responsible for the implementation of this decree.

We are currently undertaking administrative and legal means to prevent the decree from being carried out.